Our beach day

I never actually wrote this out, only hinted slightly, but I started this blog while on vacation with my family in Naples, Florida. Being a native New Yorker, coming down to Florida is like visiting another country. My friends call it “God’s waiting room” because of all the old people that live down here.

Either way I love it here; Naples is beautiful, everyone is friendly and the beaches are gorgeous. That being said, you can understand why we try to spend as many days as possible on the white sand beaches that border the Gulf of Mexico. Today the beach was perfect. The water was crystal clear and the whole beach was pretty empty, which is how I prefer it.

So here are some of the MANY pictures I took today! (227 in all- I know, I’m insane.)

My day started with a lovely breakfast consisting of dunkin coffee (my favorite) instant grits (another golden element), a banana, and the wonderful fountain behind my house.


My day continued being wonderful when we arrived at the beach this morning after a couple hours of heavy downpour. That was a little upsetting, but when it stopped I was even happier than before it started.

Obviously just walkin’ on sunshine over here!

Yup just walking on sunshine and happiness… Or in this case sitting.

And here’s the fam; including Tom, my sister’s boyfriend, and Sabino and Domenico, my mom’s best friend’s kids. They’re pretty much family and came down with is this week!

Here’s one I didn’t want to edit. I think he is really cool looking. He showed me how he eats and everything. I was pretty close too. He was huge and his wingspan was enormous. Definitely a treat.



A couple more non-edited ones. Where we set up camp and such.

And finally my favorite picture from today of myself, mainly because I put it in a water droplet.
This beach day was such a great way to start my last weekend as a kid, before I join the big bad world of adulthood.
Happy weekend!


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