Staying for a month, may have packed for 6


Every summer, my parents pack up my house and drive us out to the middle of no where. Every year after my siblings finish school, the six of us move to the most Irish place on Earth besides Ireland and are stuck here until school starts again.

Breezy Point, New York, according to the United States Census Bureau in 2000, has the 2nd highest concentration of Irish-Americans in the United States at 60.3% as of the United States Census, 2000, (somewhere in Massachusetts is #1; surprisingly it’s not Boston.) They’re able to stay so Irish and white (98.2% white according to the same census) because, in order to buy a house in the gated community, the person or family must get recommended by three members of the Cooperative that run the place and then get the approval from the Coop’s Board of Directors. It’s very biased and racist and if you don’t live here you probably hate it.

I’ve been coming here every summer since I was born. My siblings and I never really tried to talk to anyone here so we never really made friends. It’s not like we actually care. The four of us have always been our own party. My grandparents live here all year round and sometimes get dirty looks when they speak to someone because of their Italian accents. They brush it off. They love living on the beach so it doesn’t bother them.

Not everyone here is racist. A lot of the people here are very nice. Those are the ones we look for.

Its a little more exciting because my aunt and her family come down now as well. Weekends are fun because we spend the day on the beach and then dinner and coffee are shared at my grandparent’s house.

The thing about Breezy is, no matter how weird the people are, how annoying the coop is, how nuts the rules are, it is beautiful. I have never seen more beautiful sunsets. The beaches are well kept and the bay side is usually empty, resulting in my own private beach. The security team is usually really understanding and most of them are close to my age so they’re all relatively sweet. People smile when I pass them. Breezy Point will always be my second home, even if I’m bored off my face 98% of them time I’m here.




Naples Days 3 & 4

I skipped days 3 and 4 of my Naples trip!

Wow, I’m lame.

I guess now is as good a time as any to tell you how Saturday and Sunday were.

Day 3

The first half of Day 3 was spent at the beach. My family is weird so anytime we’re alone together we have a great time, like at the beach.


that’s my brother. he’s awesome.


 that was our nesting area… that towel cone head is my sister.

this is a close up of my towel/cone head sister who was trying to text under there

The beach was fun but can take a lot out of you. We went to the Waterside Shops after the beach because my parents told a friend they would pick up a belt for them… The store they had planned on going to had closed down. So instead we walked around until we got hungry, at which point we went to the California Pizza Kitchen. My dad asked for every appetizer on the menu and the waiter thought we he was kidding and only brought us half. Eventually we got all of them.

The rest of the day was spent making waffles and ice cream and sitting around making jokes. I also watched way too much Gilligan’s Island.


giant messy counter full of waffle things

My favorite moments with my family are when we’re all sitting around doing nothing, enjoying each others company.

Day 4

Day 4 happened to be Easter and my last day in Florida.
Our morning was spent in church, because as a Roman Catholic, Easter is a holy day of obligation, meaning you have to go.

here we are. All 6 of us. In our Easter/Florida best.


here are my little munchkins. my best friends all lined up behind me.

After church, my dad and I went to Walmart for cold cuts and we, again, sat around eating.

After dinner we had cake for my dad because Sunday was his birthday. I forgot to buy candles so we used sparklers instead. It was dangerous but, as a family, we live on the edge, so it was no biggie. (My mom put Saran Wrap over the top of the cake so that the soot from the sparklers wouldn’t get all over the cake. Some of it melted but, again, no biggie.)

here’s my dad with his Saran wrapped sparkle cake

Unfortunately, that was the end of my trip.

After cake and coffee, Eli and I loaded our luggage into the back of my parents truck and were driven to the airport. My parents are pretty protective so they waited outside the airport until they were sure we got through security.

I almost had a breakdown because my Nook was on 10% as soon as I turned it on in the airport. (I’ve been using my sister’s charger and I forgot to charge it while in Florida.) But then, by some Easter miracle, I found a PDF of the book I’m reading on safari on my phone, and was able to read the whole way home!

Overall the trip was fun. Sometimes my family needs a little time away from everyone else. My mom and dad just look happier in Florida. Maybe, one day, we can move there.

I’ll leave you with pictures from the flight home. Happy Travels everyone 🙂

photo 3photo 1photo 2  photo 4

Naples, Day 2

Today was the first day I’ve been to the beach since August… Needless to say it was magical.

herro children


my sister wanted to text but the sun made it hard for her to see her phone

Today, as fun as it was, is also Good Friday, for those of us who partake in the Christian religion. Because today is the day Jesus was crucified, as a Christian, you are supposed to fast and contemplate your sins. Well I mean I didn’t really have lunch… for today, my family makes scalcione, an inside out pizza of sorts with olives, onions, peppers and anchovies (gross) inside.


Since I don’t enjoy anchovies as much as the rest of my family, eating scalcione is like walking through a mine field barefoot. You may think that’s overly dramatic, but today I took a bite and there was a giant chunk of the little furry fish that almost caused me to vomit.

always gotta check, just in case

I still haven’t found out whether scalcione (which I’m probably spelling incorrectly) is a tradition with roots in the Italian culture, the culture of Puglia, the Molaze culture (stemming from Mola do Bari, where my family is from,) or something my family made up because it tastes good. Either way, we look forward to scalcione and Good Friday all year long.



it was called a Vincenzo and was a flour-less chocolate cake with caramel ice cream- so delicious

Oscar Wilde reminding me to stay thankful that I’m actually employed… Because so many people my age are not

Island company, my new favorite store

Day 2 was a success and I look forward to breakfast and day 3!

Naples Day 1

I know I say this way too often but I am sorry for not posting more!

For the next few days I’ll be in Naples, Florida with my family celebrating the greatest holiday on the Christian calendar, Easter, and will be posting stupid pictures and thoughts during my adventures.


sunrise from the airport gate

someone fell asleep

“Welcome to the Himalayas!” Just kidding. That’s from Monsters Inc.

of course it poured the day I got to Florida

adorable little brats in the rain

mango infused kettle one… And some other delicious stuff

5th Ave

Obviously I am not very good at the whole “consistancy” thing

But granted, I worked for two weeks and then went on vacation for one. I am a little scatter brained and can’t keep focused on any one thing.

I’m a mess, but my vacation was extremely helpful in un-messing me. Turks and Caicos was amazing, my family is insane, and I am so ready to go back to work! Apparently they like me and I’m a quick learner. Hopefully, this goes well. I have a good feeling about being here.








Our beach day

I never actually wrote this out, only hinted slightly, but I started this blog while on vacation with my family in Naples, Florida. Being a native New Yorker, coming down to Florida is like visiting another country. My friends call it “God’s waiting room” because of all the old people that live down here.

Either way I love it here; Naples is beautiful, everyone is friendly and the beaches are gorgeous. That being said, you can understand why we try to spend as many days as possible on the white sand beaches that border the Gulf of Mexico. Today the beach was perfect. The water was crystal clear and the whole beach was pretty empty, which is how I prefer it.

So here are some of the MANY pictures I took today! (227 in all- I know, I’m insane.)

My day started with a lovely breakfast consisting of dunkin coffee (my favorite) instant grits (another golden element), a banana, and the wonderful fountain behind my house.


My day continued being wonderful when we arrived at the beach this morning after a couple hours of heavy downpour. That was a little upsetting, but when it stopped I was even happier than before it started.

Obviously just walkin’ on sunshine over here!

Yup just walking on sunshine and happiness… Or in this case sitting.

And here’s the fam; including Tom, my sister’s boyfriend, and Sabino and Domenico, my mom’s best friend’s kids. They’re pretty much family and came down with is this week!

Here’s one I didn’t want to edit. I think he is really cool looking. He showed me how he eats and everything. I was pretty close too. He was huge and his wingspan was enormous. Definitely a treat.



A couple more non-edited ones. Where we set up camp and such.

And finally my favorite picture from today of myself, mainly because I put it in a water droplet.
This beach day was such a great way to start my last weekend as a kid, before I join the big bad world of adulthood.
Happy weekend!