Month: September 2015


Good Morning my friends. Welcome to the Pope-ocalypse. Today the Pope will be bouncing from Manhattan monument to monument and the traffic will most likely be a nightmare.

That being said, this is being written from my “home office” AKA my kitchen. WORK FROM HOME DAY!

At 6pm today, the Pope will be less than a block away from where I work so I decided I needed to be safe and not be there. As much as I wanted to meet him, I don’t really love big crowds. So instead, I will be watching Bridget Jones’ Diary and making myself ham egg and cheeses because we don’t have bacon.

So yesterday I decided to reread the Harry Potter series

This will either be a pretty good idea or the worst decision of my life.

But whenever I read a line that was said in the movie that was quoted directly from the book I get a weird little chill.

Here’s to rereading the series that I own at least two (and a half) copies of, the series that everyone my age obsessed over (and still obsesses over,) and the the series that ruined my life at the tender age of 11… JK is one hell of a woman.

PS yes, that is my Pumpkin Spice Latte up there. It was actually really bad.

Took long enough

Today I finally received word that I will officially be given a promotion, and an announcement will be made on Monday. This is my first promotion… Like ever. Since I started working at this newspaper corporation’s ad department in July of 2013, I have shaken hands and kissed babies, stayed late, arrived early, and worked my butt off in the hopes that I would one day be able to climb my way up the corporate ladder. I may not want to stay in newspaper advertising forever, but that doesn’t mean I shouldn’t try my hardest in order to accomplish as much as I possibly can while I’m still here. I recently read an article (ok it was a snapchat discovery article from Cosmo) that women don’t celebrate promotions enough, most deeming them not as worthy as baby showers or weddings. The article went on to say that while baby showers and weddings are fantastic and should be celebrated, they aren’t the only things that are worth celebrating. So I plan on celebrating my promotion.

I bought a bottle of rosé and will be having tortellini and rosé for dinner tonight because I can. My two sisters are coming home from college on Friday night so that we can drink champagne in our backyard to celebrate. When my parents finally get home from their two week gallivant around Italy Saturday night I will update them on my new title (and paycheck) and hopefully we can eat smuggled Italian goodies that came across the Atlantic wrapped in cellophane and hidden under clothing. 

Celebrating life’s little moments is a big deal. But celebrating life’s bigger moments is a great idea. So here’s to small moments and big moments and small cans of wine and bigger bottles of wine and lots and lots of tortellini.



Ah, Fashion Week. With New York Fashion Week coming to a close, I figured this would be the perfect time to discuss my complete lack of fashion and what I thought was legit when it came to fashion. So here we go.

Style is something you’re inherently born with. Style is not learned. It cannot be taught. It is in your genes, like your eye color or your favorite ice cream flavor. That being said, this particular gene was obviously skipped over when deciding my eye color (brown) and my favorite ice cream (vanilla… duh.) While my mother and younger sister both have the amazing ability to put clothing together and look done up without trying too hard, I, on the other hand, have trouble picking out what to wear to work in the morning. I will sometimes even avoid going out because it’s easier to stay home without pants. I just don’t know how. I wish I did because it seems like a magical way of thinking, but I just cannot, for the life of me, dress myself. It sucks. But even though I can’t dress myself, I do know how to appreciate fashion and style in others.

Ok now that you know I suck, here are some pictures from this week that I really liked!

First things First… street stylin’ from NYMAG

street-style-01.nocrop.w1800.h1330.2x megan-gray.nocrop.w1800.h1330.2x street-style-04.nocrop.w1800.h1330.2x zina-charkoplia.nocrop.w1800.h1330.2x mica-arganaraz.nocrop.w1800.h1330.2x

Next, some goodies from Elle

dsc_8587 dsc_0214 dsc_7382 dsc_0119 dsc_7597

A few from W Mag’s ample collection (separated by day – heart eye emojis everywhere)

AKS5715 AKS3970 AKS6318 AKS0746

And now, show time!

Fashion Week Daily went nuts with their show pics (thank G) so here are just a few of my favs.

Vera Wang


Dennis Basso

Rag & Bone

rab_ss16_130 rab_ss16_098


rod_lb_ss16_028-798x1200 rod_lb_ss16_022-798x1200 rod_lb_ss16_016-798x1200 rod_lb_ss16_012-798x1200

Zac Posen

zac_ss16_005 zac_ss16_002 zac_ss16_086 zac_ss16_112

Opening Ceremony

Jonathan Simkhai


Altuzarra New York  Fashion Week RTW Spring Summer 2016 September 2015

Herve Leger

hle_ss16_144-800x1200 hle_ss16_014-800x1200 hle_ss16_058-800x1200 hle_ss16_219-800x1200 hle_ss16_090-800x1200

Rebecca Minkoff

rmi_ss16_032-799x1200 rmi_ss16_011-799x1200


Fashion is cool. It has built an entire empire by telling people what is cool. But overall, fashion is cool. It allows people to be artistic while expressing themselves. And it can be pretty, or ugly, or somewhere in between. And because of that MILLIONS OF PEOPLE have a job. So don’t knock it kids. Just enjoy the pretty pictures.

Happy Fashion Week everyone.

Happy Tuesday that’s basically a Monday

The first day of work after Labor Day weekend is always the worst… or so I’m assuming. This is only my second one.

So in order to combat my sadness at not being home watching 10 hours of NCIS like I did yesterday, I am eating broccoli and twizzlers (not at the same time obviously,) drinking rose green tea from Teas’ Tea (which sounds better than it tastes, even though its not that bad – also my rose obsession got the best of me,) and searching for vintage lux scores online and avoiding all responsibilities.

I also accidentally/maliciously ate all of the kitkats that were in the candy bowl in my office. But I regret nothing.

Ok enough of that. Back to vintage.

I like vintage shopping. I’m a huge fan of having a bag or earrings or a statement piece that no one else has. I like the style before the style, if you catch my drift. I’m not great with fashion. I just like what I like. I don’t really wear loud colors or patterns very often. I’m more into monochrome and minimal. I feel like when it comes to vintage shopping, you really can’t go wrong. Sure it might be pre-used, but that only means pre-loved, man! The first Chanel I ever bought myself was pre-owned. Nothing wrong with a little bit of worn in love.

So here I go, checking on What Goes Around, Vestiarie Collective, and others to find the perfect (and least expensive… because I’m trying to save in order to survive) piece to keep forever. I see these as an investment. I may not want children but I know my siblings will have them and I can’t wait to share all my cool stuff with them. My plan is to eventually be the vodka drunk aunt with the killer shoes and rockin’ bod.

Wish me luck…