Month: July 2013

First day on the job

On the Fourth of July I was at a BBQ where I knew next to no one. Somehow I ended up talking to my dads friend about graduating college and about my new job. I was obviously very excited about it and I think he could tell. Finally after a bit of talking he asked me if I love what I do. I told him that I didn’t really know what I would be doing yet, nor what I’m doing in general, but that I was excited to find out. He told me as long as I do what I love I’ll never work a day in my life. Here’s to the first day of the rest of my life.




Today was my first day as an adult. I took the express bus into Manhattan, walked a couple blocks to my building, held my own all day long, impressed a couple people I hope, got treated to lunch for being the new kid, learned some stuff and then walked a couple blocks back to the bus stop, got on the express bus and came home. It was pretty cool. I felt pretty badass and I think I’m going to like my job. I have all good feelings about this.
So here are some lovely snapshots from my day.

5:15am is an ugly time. I was not excited.


I saw this as the most perfect badass first day of work/the rest of my life outfit. Note the shoes. They caused more pain and blisters than you can imagine.

ALLLLL ABOARD. Waiting for the bus.

The bus ride home was a great way to relax and unwind.
Today has been good to me in ways I can never be grateful enough for.

Our beach day

I never actually wrote this out, only hinted slightly, but I started this blog while on vacation with my family in Naples, Florida. Being a native New Yorker, coming down to Florida is like visiting another country. My friends call it “God’s waiting room” because of all the old people that live down here.

Either way I love it here; Naples is beautiful, everyone is friendly and the beaches are gorgeous. That being said, you can understand why we try to spend as many days as possible on the white sand beaches that border the Gulf of Mexico. Today the beach was perfect. The water was crystal clear and the whole beach was pretty empty, which is how I prefer it.

So here are some of the MANY pictures I took today! (227 in all- I know, I’m insane.)

My day started with a lovely breakfast consisting of dunkin coffee (my favorite) instant grits (another golden element), a banana, and the wonderful fountain behind my house.


My day continued being wonderful when we arrived at the beach this morning after a couple hours of heavy downpour. That was a little upsetting, but when it stopped I was even happier than before it started.

Obviously just walkin’ on sunshine over here!

Yup just walking on sunshine and happiness… Or in this case sitting.

And here’s the fam; including Tom, my sister’s boyfriend, and Sabino and Domenico, my mom’s best friend’s kids. They’re pretty much family and came down with is this week!

Here’s one I didn’t want to edit. I think he is really cool looking. He showed me how he eats and everything. I was pretty close too. He was huge and his wingspan was enormous. Definitely a treat.



A couple more non-edited ones. Where we set up camp and such.

And finally my favorite picture from today of myself, mainly because I put it in a water droplet.
This beach day was such a great way to start my last weekend as a kid, before I join the big bad world of adulthood.
Happy weekend!

I love food

I have always loved food. And don’t be fooled by my gender, I can eat. I was actually in an eating contest a couple months back… I mean, it wasn’t official or anything, just a bunch of friends making a wager. Weird part was that I was the only girl but definitely held my own. Unfortunately, I didn’t win, but I still felt like a badass afterwards [that was before I tried to make myself throw up though. That was a failure.] Therefore, you can obviously tell food, in general, is one of my favorite things. But I especially love exotic food.
Chinese food is delicious, thai food is delightful, Italian food makes me want to hug everyone and the things I would do for freshly made baklava are definitely illegal in multiple states. So most of the time I will be mentioning food in my writing, only because its all I can think about.
Tonight, we decided to go for Mexican food. While Naples, Florida is not known for its Mexican food, they have one place that trumps all the rest. Mr. Tequila is God’s favorite Mexican restaurant, you might think I’m joking but I definitely am not. Not only is the food amazing, but both the food and the restaurant are extremely clean and the atmosphere is what I imagine Mexico to actually be like.
We have gone twice and both times I ordered the chicken fajita. It’s probably the best chicken I’ve had anywhere. I hope you’re getting the point that I really like this place.
Anyway I just wanted to share my love for Mr Tequila.


I’m a writer… I can’t fight that.

I love writing and I love being able to write. But most of the time I write in random places and forget about it. I am trying to stop the forgetting part. I want a place to decorate and make my own, almost like a home on the beach for my thoughts, like the picture. It needs to be cozy and happy and radiate love and positivity, all the things I try to put into my own home. My cousin has a beautiful wordpress and it inspired me to create my own. I look forward to coming back to this and adding thoughts and silly little things. Sometimes you need to just write, and that is what I plan on doing. Image