Month: January 2014

I’m Happy!!

I love being happy. I’ve usually an optimistic person, with a tendency to be happier than most people about ordinary things.

But the last few weeks have been weird and I haven’t been as happy as I usually am.

BUT I’M BACK. I’m back and I’m excited about everything. Nothing can get me down right now and I love it. I’ve been smiling and laughing more than usual and even when something turns sour or doesn’t go as planned I bounce back. It’s awesome.

So I decided to make a list of all the things that make me happier than my usual level of happy:

  • chocolate
  • getting hard cover books for really cheap
  • seeing old friends that I haven’t seen in a while
  • giant comfy blankets
  • watches
  • fruit roll ups
  • when my parents are happy
  • beaches/the ocean
  • falling asleep on my living room floor next to my fireplace
  • hugs from my boyfriend
  • doing something well
  • when someone is proud of me
  • people with pretty eyes
  • Dinosaur chicken nuggets
  • coming home to my family
  • when they wait for me to have dinner
  • when no one sits next to me on the bus
  • giant water bottles
  • showing someone I care
  • making someone else smile
  • puppies/kittens/any baby animal
  • hearing people laugh
  • chicken cutlets
  • when my siblings and I get to hang out together and do nothing
  • when my boyfriend calls me “my love”
  • that little burst of excitement when I decide to do something new, like learn Arabic (we’ll see how that works)
  • the idea of traveling
  • talking to my two best friends, both of whom don’t live in New York
  • my Gutenburg Bible journal
  • not fucking up at work
  • having an actual good day at work
  • spikes on jewelry/clothes
  • leather clothing/accessories
  • anything blue raspberry flavored
  • anything raspberry flavored too (i just really like raspberries)
  • watching documentaries about sea life, like octopus and jellyfish
  • powerful words
  • amazing poetry
  • delicious sandwiches
  • coloring
  • teddy graham’s
  • inspiring quotes that aren’t overused
  • nick names
  • the woman i work with who has become like my work mom
  • actually having my own money
  • the idea of summer
  • visit my old college
  • smiling

edit: I forgot to add sunrises… Sunrises are a huge deal. They need to be on this list

Kung Hei Fat Choy – Happy Chinese New Year!

well… almost.

This Friday, Jan 31st, will be the first day of the Chinese calendar. We are entering the Year of the Horse.

I’ve always been fascinated by other cultures. My dream is to spend a little bit of time in every country and learn about how they live by living with them. I think it could be so cool to learn about things I wouldn’t be introduced to in my daily life.

This weekend I went to Menlo Park Mall in New Jersey to meet a friend for lunch. As we walked around the mall we came across a celebration!

It was so much fun to watch, my favorite part was obviously the dancing dragons.




It was awesome to watch and pretty exciting for everyone.

I wish there was something like this in every mall!

Reporting LIVE from the Arctic!

just kidding

But New York has pretty much become Antarctica over the last few weeks.

Yesterday afternoon we were told to leave work early because there was so much snow in Manhattan, and it was only expected to get worse. It took me over 3 hours to get home. Thank God my dad was in Manhattan as well and was able to drive me home, because it could have been a lot longer if I had taken the bus.

My college started classes yesterday; or they would have, if it hadn’t snowed so much.

I miss living in a dorm and getting snow days and eating mac and cheese bites with my roommates.

Life is pretty different than it was a year ago.

But here are some photos I took yesterday of snowy New York City.


Here’s Bryant Park… from the front seat of my Dad’s truck.


Here’s the New Jersey Turnpike… again from inside the truck… it was safer in there.Image

Times Square (above and below)


Here we have a plane landing in Newark Airport. My Dad assumed that they were landing any planes because of the dense fog and snow. Makes sense.


And here is my house. The bright light is my brother trying to plow the driveway. It was a mess. And when I woke up this morning, it was fully covered again, like he hadn’t done anything.