Month: September 2013

ANTHROPOCENE FULL MOVIE by Marco Brambilla – BOSS Store New York #HBNYC

Since I started working I’ve gotten a little more into name brands and things that actually cost money (enough though I refuse to spend more than $20 on a shirt.) I started following We Wore What on instagram and sporadically check her website, along with a couple others. However, She has a great sense of style and is definitely an inspiration for me when I actually have to wear clothes that don’t count as “business casual.”
Today she posted about the Hugo Boss flagship store opening in Columbus Circle she attended yesterday, which premiered an amazing video by Marco Brambilla, entitled Anthropocene. It is definitely something to check out.
The music has such a hauntingly beautiful aspect to it, I really needed to share it.


I like tea.

Not in a “oh earl gray is my shit, man,” way but more like “GIVE ME ALL THE FLAVORED TEAS YOU HAVE AND NO ONE WILL GET HURT THIS WEEK,” kind of way. Yup, I’m weird.

So, because of this, I go out and buy random kinds of tea every two or so months, drink them every day for two weeks, and then stop touching them until I remember where I left them. I actually act this way with a lot of things. I become obsessed with a certain something, and all I can think or talk about is that one thing. I will research it and get as much information on it as possible for about 3 weeks and then lose all interest in it forever… This makes my love life reaaaaaaaaaally awkward, let me tell ya.

So, last week I saw two pictures on tumblr and immediately became interested, so I did what I always do, research the crap out of it.

tumblr_m9wv8tFd0t1rvemjxo1_r1_500 tumblr_m9wv8tFd0t1rvemjxo2_r1_500source

This particular Pumpkin Chai is made by David’s Tea, a Canadian based tea franchise who does pretty damn well in both Canada and America.

My research led me to this year’s edition of David’s Pumpkin Chai, which comes in a different tin (which is wayyy cooler, but maybe I’m just biased.)


This discovery obviously led to a purchase of the tea (plus tea bags and honey sticks-good stuff, just saying) and $25 and 3 days later, the tea was sitting on my front door step with a few extra goodies!

20130925-095928.jpg      20130925-095938.jpg

20130925-095948.jpg      20130925-100000.jpg


I feel like the table cloth my mom had down for dinner was actually really relevant to my massive tea extravaganza going on.

I decided not to try it right then because of the caffeine in it (I would never have been able to sleep and would have cursed David and his delicious tea.) Instead I brought a zip lock bag with a little bit of tea so I could make some once I got to work.


This was a great idea. I brought the zip lock, a Teavana tumbler (which I got on sale in the Staten Island mall a couple months back – score!) and a honey stick to work, made my tea in the kitchen here and basked in the glory that is Pumpkin Chai tea. It completely turned my morning around making everything better.

Today is a great day.


This weekend was Virgin Mobile’s FreeFest in Columbia, Maryland.


I decided to drive on down for the show.

Friday night we (my friend Nick and I) pulled into the parking lot of the Courtyard Marriott at about 1am. After a deadly spider incident and two pit stops- one for Cracker Barrel and the other so Nick could buy coffee since I was too tired to drive- we finally made it down, lugged all of my bags into the lobby of the hotel, then made the trek to our room. I was so tired, but thankfully I had slept a little in the car ride down (much to Nick’s dismay.)

We went to visit a couple friends who were also staying in the hotel, only a few rooms down. Some were sleeping, others just lounging… but for 1:30 in the morning our friends were a lively bunch.

The next morning, we got up at 10ish, and went to the lobby for breakfast. There was a Starbucks for food which was pretty delicious. Then we got ready for the festival. At about 2ish we arrived at the Merriweather Post Pavilion in Columbia, which was about 10 minutes from where we were staying.

We walked from a side street all the way to the entrance. I was so excited and I bounced as I walked. Nick was definitely not on the same level and I kept asking him what was wrong. Apparently he was fine.

Before we walked in, we had to pick up our free shirts and cups that we got with our tickets (Nick is holding mine hostage right now – rude.)


As we walked in I felt like a little kid in a candy store. Everything was huge and pretty and I wanted to touch all of it. There was a machine that would send up suds in the shape of a heart, smiley face or lightning bolt, depending on which emoji you tweeted at freefest; there was a swing that had curtains of water falling, but as you went underneath it the water would stop, just long enough so that you wouldn’t get wet; there were so many people and so much to look at I was immediately overwhelmed and wanted to do everything. So we sat. We walked up to the highest part of the hill right behind the main stage and laid down on a blanket to wait for everyone else to arrive.





I was so comfortable with where I was and who I was with that those first 20 or so minutes were great. then we decided to explore a bit.





I really liked her head-dress 🙂

At this point during the day, it began to rain. As I stood on line waiting for my funnel cake bopping to Iconapop in the background I realized how extremely lucky I was to be there. But the problem was that it wasn’t even 4pm, and if it started to rain now and didn’t stop, waiting until 9 for Pretty Lights was going to be extremely difficult and very uncomfortable.

I was absolutely right.

It continually poured until 11pm at which point I was miserable and ready to go home. But before that, I wanted to see Pretty Lights.

We spent about a third of those 5 hours squished up against a gate trying to get into the main stage so that we would be covered.20130923-202340.jpg

Another third was spent watching and dancing to MGMT, who put on a great show. The last third was spent waiting for Robin Thicke – whom I dislike – to finish his set so that Pretty Lights could go on.20130923-202353.jpg

Derek’s show made everything worth it, my soaked jeans, water that I rang out of my sweater, the umbrella hat that I wore on and off all day; all of it was not that bad because when his light show fired up it looked like glitter was falling from the sky.






We left at 11pm. I was completely soaked. My sweatshirt was so drenched that I had to ring it out multiple times. I ripped off my shirt in the middle of the street and changed into another one without caring who saw me without a shirt on, that’s how cold and wet I was. Finally, we got back to the room, I showered, and we went to bed. It was glorious.

The next morning we woke up, went to buy Nick new shoes (because he only brought one pair and they were ruining in the rain) and then went to lunch with our friends at Jimmy Cantler’s in Annapolis. It was gorgeous, Nick and I got all you can eat crabs and ended up staying an hour and a half later than everyone else, then I drove home.










This weekend has taught me a lot, about myself, about my friends and about other people, but mostly, its made me appreciate what and who I have.

I am so thankful for my friends, and for crab meat that I don’t actually have to work for.

And this concludes the longest blog post ever.


Welcome to Fall.
Fall is my favorite season for so many reasons; I love the weather and the style, I love the leaves on the trees, I love that everyone starts to decorate for Halloween. But most of all, I love that warm coffee is back in fashion.
I know, I’m ridiculous. I just can’t help it! Hot coffee and iced coffee are two of my favorite things, but sometimes I get tired of one and want the other. Having iced coffee in January isn’t that big of a deal because most of the time, you’re staying indoors where the heat is on full blast and the cold coffee is kind of refreshing. But during the summer, you rarely want a hot coffee, even if you are inside in air conditioning. Hot coffee is solely a cold temperature drink. I never really liked winter much, but Fall is where it’s at. Not too cold, not too hot, scarves are everywhere, and I can have coffee all the time!

So, here is to Autumn, hot coffee, pumpkin flavored cakes, Halloween decorations and comfy sweaters!



took this adorable little guy from here 🙂

This weekend was pretty exciting

While every weekend tends to bring with it random events that my parents never forewarn me about, this weekend was slightly different in the sense that I knew what was going to happen only slightly before hand, which made prepping a whole lot easier. On Friday a friend and I went to dinner, at a half-restaurant, half-bar called Jimmy Max. I wish I would have taken a picture of all the amazing food we ate. Thank God this one friend is one I can completely be myself around because I ordered more food than I had eaten in the last week. We had fried zucchini sticks, eggplant rollatini, baked clams, fried shrimp, mozzarella sticks and pizza; and let me tell you, that pizza was impressive. Half of it was the Jimmy Max special, which included fresh mozzarella and plum tomatoes, and the other half was a T.B.R. which stands for tomato, bacon and ricotta.

Side note – I’m really bad when it comes to taking pictures of my food because I’m usually starving by the time it gets there and am not looking to delay the joy that comes with eating to take a picture of my food. That’s why this posts gets nothing when it comes to food pics.

After a lovely dinner, I came home and passed out, saying good night to my brother as I walked very zombie-like to my bed. At about 1:30am, my brother, sister and mother all charged into my room throwing the lights on and laughing. When pressed for why there was a party going on in my room, my mom said she didn’t believe my brother when he told her I was home… my family is all crazy.

The next day the 5 of us, (excluding my sister Elisa who away at school right now), went to a diner for breakfast. I ordered chocolate chip pancakes and turkey bacon on the side. I’ve never been to a place where they put your bacon on your pancakes. I obviously stopped to take a picture of that. (see the below pancake atrocity) My mom, who doesn’t eat meat, was really upset because she wanted one, I felt bad, but it wasn’t my fault! What I learned from this experience: turkey bacon + chocolate =/= happiness.


After breakfast my parents went to meet up with Jackie Graziano, owner of Hollywood Garage, featured on American Pickers. For their anniversary, my mom got my dad to meet him and Jackie made a lamp out of exhaust pipes and is going to decorate it for him. Both Jackie and my dad can talk, so they were there the majority of the day.20130916-142419.jpg

At 7pm I caught the express bus into Manhattan with a couple of friends, we had dinner at a Mexican restaurant called El Toro Blanco (which was insanely good) then bar hopped a bit. All in all, the night was eventful enough for me to have a good time, but not too crazy. And I saw a whole bunch of cool stuff.



Its a turtle!







The day the world stopped



Know what’s scary? 12 years ago exactly, people all over Manhattan were doing exactly what I’m doing right now. They were getting into work, reading annoying emails, laughing with co-workers and getting ready for just another Tuesday. How were they supposed to know that their entire lives would come crashing down around them?

You are a liar if you say that, as an American, you were not out for blood when you found out. Hell I was 9 years old, and I wanted blood; NINE. That was the first time I ever thought about joining the military. A 9 year old wanting to kill people is a terrible, terrible thing. But I know I wasn’t the only one; every child in my catholic elementary school who was told by our principle to “pray for those people who are hurt” wanted blood. They didn’t tell us what was going on, but we knew, hell, kids always know. Plus, you could tell; teachers poured into the hallways, crying on each other’s shoulders. One by one, each student was plucked from class by a hysterical parent. I have never been more scared or confused in my entire life than I was on that day. What the hell is going on?! Why would someone want to hit a building? Eventually I found out.

My dad is a big guy, he’s tough, rugged almost, he doesn’t take people’s shit and he’s never afraid of anything. Or so I thought. The man was scared. He was terrified by what was happening. He had watched the second plane hit the building from the roof of his shop and he was scared. He hugged me, told me he loved me, and we left. My sisters were already with him. The four of us sped home, I was still afraid, but this time, because I thought he was going to crash. Talk radio yelled things; I didn’t understand what they were saying. My dad broke out into a sweat. We got home and were rushed inside. My mom hugged us. My dad locked the door behind us. She had been crying. I don’t like when my mom cries. I was even more worried. I still didn’t know the extent of what was happening. We changed out of our uniforms and were told to play in the basement. We were never allowed to play in the basement.

I heard my mom scream and I ran upstairs. She was crying again. Huge tears fell from her face as she hid it behind her hands. After a little we went outside. Our car was covered in dust. There were papers everywhere. I didn’t understand still but they told me. Finally they told me and I understood. Thousands of people were dead, thousands more were hurt. My dad had Muslim guys working for him; they were driving into Manhattan to do a job in those exact buildings. He called them. They were scared too. They couldn’t get out. They didn’t get back home until 8pm that night. It took them over 11 hours to get out of the city. Everything was shut down and fear was prevalent.

The world has changed since then, of course; but by how much?

A whole generation was built on anger and the desire for revenge. Where has that gotten us? A few more flags flying and a pure hatred for outsiders. I am definitively proud to be American; to have a history so rich and powerful. But that day changed a lot of people, and not all for the better. Some people became more aware, some more loving and supportive, some mourned the loss of a loved one and other mourned for the state of our nation.

But some were consumed by that anger and desire for revenge. They began to believe that the world is against us, and while that may or may not be true, the hatred that seeped out of these people became infectious. Islamic people are not the enemy. Foreigners are not the enemy. Syria, Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, they are not our enemies. They are our brothers, they are human beings and earth dwellers, they are just like us! The enemy are the extremists who see us as dirty, the ones who blow themselves up so they could take down a couple extra people, the ones who laugh while we mourn. THESE PEOPLE ARE THE ENEMY. Not a woman wearing a burka. How have people not realized this yet? It’s been 12 years, and all we have done is cry and kill people. Killing is never the answer, it just erases the question.

Some thoughts for today

I never knew what to believe when it came to love at first sight.

My mom believes wholeheartedly in it, saying that the first time she saw my father she knew she was going to marry him.

I just can’t believe it. Maybe it goes more on a case-by-case basis. I think that if “love at first sight” were a real phenomenon I would fall in love at least once a month.

But then again, I don’t even know what love is. I have no idea what it feels like to love someone so much romantically that you put them before yourself, or your family. I don’t even know if I’m willing to feel that way. All I know is that today, I saw a boy about my age that, if I could, I would have fallen in love with, just by looking at him. He seemed perfect.

But what is perfect, anyway?

I feel like I get ahead of myself sometimes; my mind and heart move faster than my body or my mouth and I end up making a fool of myself. I try not to talk too often, just in case I can’t reel my thoughts back in before they become words.

I may look like an adult, but there is no way I can act like one. No matter how hard I try, I will always be a weird little 11 year old with a big heart and scraped up knees.

And oddly enough, I think I’m okay with that.