Month: September 2014

We all want a piece of cake…

This weekend,  thousands of men and women around the world cried because George Clooney was taken off the market… Again.

This weekend I found a new idol, his wife.

Amal Alamuddin is everything I aspire to be in life. She is beautiful, graceful, intelligent, multilingual, published, worldly, accomplished, poised, posh, and a certified badass.

Born in Beirut, Lebanon and raised in London during the Lebanese Civil War, Amal is the daughter of a retired professor father and an award-winning journalist & foreign editor mother. Obviously, badassery runs in the family. She attended St. Hugh’s College, Oxford, at which she did spectacularly, (of course.) In 2000, she graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Jurisprudence and then came to the states to attend New York University School of Law. She stayed in the United States to work until 2010, when she moved back to London. She is currently a barrister at Doughty Street Chambers.

In 2013, Amal was appointed to a bunch of UN commissions and in 2014 she was selected for the UN’s three-member commission which worked on the Israel-Gaza conflict. She was unable to take the position this year, but don’t hold that against her, being a badass is hard work.

At 36 years old, she has proven how amazing she is by showing her skills as an author, an activist, and a lawyer, specializing in international and criminal law as well as human right and extradition. Her clients have been ridiculously high-profile making her all the more impressive and she is fluent in Arabic, English and French. She is literally living my dream life.

She seems pretty low-key as a person, she deleted her twitter account a little while ago, I’m assuming due to the whole “marrying George” thing, and doesn’t seem very interested in Facebook, as a social medium.

I wish them all the happiness and love in the world. I hope they live a beautiful life together. And I hope we start to see more of her because it’ll be hard to model my life after someone I don’t have very much information about.

But until then, here are some of my favorite pictures of her, from this weekend and otherwise, as well as the best article ever written by Business Woman Media.

here are some of her casual looks. always stylish while staying professional
again, this says “I’m a badass lawyer and a fashion goddess”tumblr_n78j2psIPK1rvbbl2o1_1280
“I am the queen of the world. you can bow now.”tumblr_nclu7n3kvv1rjerw3o1_1280
this one I found creepy but beautiful. I hope it really is true loveCelebrity Sightings In London - October 24, 2013
perfect little red cheeked smile
and now the wedding weekendtumblr_ncovmlcMvp1rlrsnko1_1280
she pulls off the hat perfectly. also, look at how tall she ise02f3134-a1e0-4d6c-bcb3-923a419ae5f7-460x276
cutest little dressgeorge-clooney-wedding-pictures-amal-alamuddin-0926-w724
happiness and love are in the air people, look at them, you can see ittumblr_ncmf4jolvG1t0a8i4o1_1280 recap of the wedding weekend dudstumblr_ncnz0gWaQm1tcugf8o5_1280[1]riding off into the sunset … kinda

National Coffee Day

tumblr_nbpm3qbj1X1r5gmiko1_500HELLO AND WELCOME TO THE BEST DAY EVER. National Coffee Day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I’m always a giant fan of free things, but when those free things are coffee, I get nuts.

Here is a list of all the places to hit up for coffee today. (I live in New York so I start with the NYC places and branch out from there based, on web research. If there are others, let me know!)

We will start with a personal favorite:

Dunkin Donuts: today, September 29th, Dunkin Donuts is giving a free medium cup of their new Dark Roast. I’m not usually a dark roast kinda girl but I made an exception (because it was free) and I have to say, its really good. Definitely a good cup to curl up in front of a fireplace with. (A woman I work with got it iced! If you have a good relationship with your local Dunkin people, I bet they’d do it too. I love the girls at my Dunkin in the morning. They’re so sweet!)

Krispy Kreme: today they are giving out a free 12oz cup of regular coffee or pay a dollar and get a 12oz mocha, latte or iced coffee.

McDonald’s: WAIT A MINUTE. I just found out that McDonald’s has been giving out a free coffee with breakfast for the last TWO WEEKS. Today is the last day of the offer. I’m a little offended. Except the McDonald’s near me is kind of far and a little sketchy so I probably wouldn’t have gone every day anyway.

Both Starbucks and Caribou Coffee (we don’t have these near me but I still heard) are offering samples of their new roasts, Ethiopia Blend at the ‘bucks and Amy’s Blend ad the ‘bou. Check ’em both out because trying new things is part of life.

The rest of these aren’t near me but I hope they’re near you, everyone needs coffee on National Coffee Day!

Tim Hortons: These crazy nutjobs are not only offering a $1 cup of coffee, they’ve also hidden golden envelopes with over $9,000 in cash and gift cards around five cities (according to,) including Detroit and Grand Rapids Michigan, Columbus, Ohio, Buffalo and Rochester, New York. If you or someone you know is a resident in any of these cities tell them to check out Tim Hortons’ social media (FB & Twitter) for clues!

Kangaroo Express: Just one cent can get you a 12oz Bean Street coffee from the crazy kangaroo.

LaMar’s Donuts: free 12oz! Love free things.

Peet’s Coffee: Buy one get one from Peet. there are also samples all day!

Brooklyn Water Bagel Co.: free cup o’joe (hot or iced!) with a purchase of any menu item.

Wawa: click here to get a coupon for a free coffee. Yay for free coffee coupons!

Like i said, if there are others I need to add to my list, let me know!



Its the happiest season of allllll


Welcome to the first full day of Fall!

Everyone loves Autumn. Come on. I will not let you deny it. Nature shows us how colorful she can be, we get to wear boots and cozy sweaters, hot tea is a thing. Fall is magical and wonderful and thank the good Lord it has arrived because I want to take a road trip up north through the woods and watch all the leaves change colors.

I also need to organize all my scarves/gloves/hats for the coming cold. I like being chilled, not frigid. Its a fine line, but I run it with precision.

But besides the warmness of scarves and boots, I definitely need to look into a serious revamping of my Fall wardrobe. I need more browns in my life. I wear all black most days (not because I have to, but because I find it easiest to match blacks that I do to match colors.) And I need to stop eating everything in sight. With the cold weather comes a seriously hearty appetite so I have a lot of gym sessions to attend… which sucks, terribly.

And, while losing weight and dressing pretty and organizing better, I’m going to need to plan my trip to Europe. I get so nervous every time I think about it. I’ve talked to my boyfriend about what he wants to accomplish during out three days in Paris and three days in Rome but he keeps saying that we can do whatever I want because he only wants to be with me, and everything else is just a plus. I appreciate him trying to take the pressure off, but him saying he doesn’t care what he sees only adds more pressure on me. I’m working on not going crazy but I don’t think its going well.

But, whatever. It’s Autumn. I need to enjoy it.

Side Note: I’m pretty sure, subconsciously, the only reason I have a savings account is that I can eventually stop working, buy myself an A-Line house and a giant dog (like a newfie or something almost ride-able), live in the woods and write a bunch of random shit on my type writer while eating fruit snacks, gummy worms, and cookies.  But again, what-the-heck-ever man.


So I cut my hair…

As I was having a mini freak out, the man cutting it continually told me that length is relative and that my hair was still long. He, of course, was unaware of my 6th grade bob that resulted in a weird mushroom type curly hair style that I had for 2 years while trying to grow it out. But I digress.

It came out pretty cool. I kind of wish if had more layers but I was trying to avoid the mushroom ‘do of 2006-2008 (otherwise known as “my awkward stage.”)

Without further adieu, I present to you the progression of my the new haircut:


here I am before the cut, chillin with my cute coffee cup, completely unaware of what is about to happen


hair is washed, here we go.


looks like there is no going back now…


yea we’re in deep now dude





And there you have it folks… I now have short(er) hair and am slowly freaking out… internally though. I kinda love it. I’m excited to wash it and use too much shampoo by accident.

Woo go short hair!!