Month: February 2016

I have absolutely positively nothing to write about

I can’t tell if it’s writer’s block or a complete lack of inspiration.

My brain is useless at the moment. I do nothing but eat and work (not really but whatever.) My life is kind of boring. Even though I’m actually do things sometimes (this past weekend, my boyfriend and I and a few of our friends went upstate and rode ATVs and ate mac & cheese andĀ frozen pizzas) I just have no desire to put pen to paper and relive it. I’ve been reading a bit and I feel like that should be making me what to write but honestly, it just makes me want to curl up in a ball under my bed and continue to read. Its terrible. I just finished rereading a series that I like so maybe I’ll write a review?

I need something to occupy my brain before it turns to mush and all I can do is babble about horses or something.tumblr_mb8b3m4eAP1qars9eo1_500.gif

More snow for NYC

Today I decided to work from home by telling my boss that there was a good chance that if I tried to come into work today I’d be stuck on a bus for days. 

NYC is currently being blanketed with new snow, just when all of the old snow was finally almost gone. In all honesty, I say I hate snow but I only really hate how inconvenient it makes things, like getting to work, or trying to buy eggs like a normal person. So I’m home. Sitting in my bed with my laptop on my lap, getting very few emails and listening to the news about the crane falling in TriBeCa. 

Enjoy your snow day friends.