Month: August 2013

The seasons

Each season has such a distinct smell. I know they all have their own colors and patterns, textures and moods, but most importantly, winter, spring, summer and fall all smell differently, and connect to a different memory.
Sometimes I’ll smell one during another. It catches me off guard and stops me in my tracks. Usually the smell will bring with it a face or a shore line, a different shore for each seasons. The memories begin to creep back, bringing with them bottled up emotions that may not have been experienced for a while. It’s a very nostalgic feeling.
But mainly, it reminds me of life. The smell of another time, another place, reminds me how lucky I am to be in this one. It shows me that no matter what I’m stressing about right now, what I find most important, what small insignificant detail is worrying me most right now, they will all be completely moot once the next season turns. This smell reminds me of how close the next season is, and how quickly it will be upon us. It takes me by the hand and tells me not to worry so much, that everything will be ok. This smell, that comes out of no where, was meant to remind me that soon I will be somewhere new, and that nothing I say or do can change that.
They say the sense of smell is the one most successfully tied with memory. I believe it. My memories have a fantastic way of popping up at inopportune times, but the smell of fall helps me to remember people and places I miss and the good times that have truly saved my life.

Happy Teasday!

Get it? I know, I’m hysterical 🙂


But today I brought a mug into work so that I can finally enjoy the tea I bought last week!

I saw it fitting that its a Tuesday, hence my little pun thingy.

I didn’t always like tea; actually up until last year I hated it. I thought it was gross, but I’m pretty sure that stems from my dislike of flavored waters, (I’m weird, I know.)

However, I have recently become unnecessarily obsessed with teas, especially loose leaf teas. I think it was because of a book I read, where the main character and her aunts drink tea all the time. Either way, I started buying tea, A LOT of tea, all kinds of flavors and kinds. I have a decent collection now actually.

Last week I went on my eternal search for ice cream during my lunch break. I assumed Grand Central Market would have something, but alas, I was wrong. A tea and spices counter caught my eye instead. Maybe I’m a dork but I thought it was so pretty I had to stop, before I even knew what I was looking at. I was so excited when I found out it was loose leaf tea being sold! I asked a million questions and finally decided to buy a little container of tea.

Apparently I am a salesperson’s dream because I walked out of Grand Central Market with 3 containers of tea, a tea egg to make the tea and a sample of a tea called Tahiti. Obviously I was excited but I didn’t have a mug. I had to use a flimsy paper cup which ended up working out terribly.

I remembered that I bought a mug for $1 a few days before and vowed to bring the mug with me to work the next day. It is now Tuesday and I have FINALLY brought the mug to my desk. I like him, he’s a badass owl, and he was $1 from Cotton On!

So now I will go make myself some tea… Happy Teasday!



Mornings are for the birds


Good morning sunshine!

Mondays are usually the hardest (especially Mondays like today that are dark and gloomy,) but with notes like that on your breakfast, how can you be unhappy? Plus the breakfast is a healthy version of a bacon egg and cheese (which I didn’t know existed – Turkey bacon, low fat American cheese and 5 egg whites on a whole wheat wrap!)

Needless to say, I have high hopes for this week.

I’ve started getting lazy in the morning, getting out of bed later than usual, but I’ve also gotten used to doing things after work, which means I’m not coming straight home and passing out after work.

This new adulthood that was thrust upon me is a work in progress and will continue as such for a while; however, I don’t see that as a bad thing anymore.

I mean, granted, the woman at the counter had to ask me to repeat myself when I answered her question because I wasn’t exactly speaking English quite yet, but I don’t think that should affect the rest of my day.

I’ve also realized that I have absolutely no idea how corporate America should actually dress… I feel like a dork and want to show up in jeans and a blazer. I guess I’ll have to wait and see how this dress-code works out!

Today is one of the greatest days in human history…

Why? you may ask, and rightfully so.

“Yes, it is friday, which is the best day of the week, but its August 9th, andI don’t think its a national holiday or anything.”


That is why today is the best day ever. Real proof that I have a job and work for a living. I am so excited I want to spin around in a circle until I’m too dizzy to stand.

Happy Sunday!

I’ve spent the last three days cleaning and reorganizing my bedroom and closet, but I’m still not finished. Because I feel like my room is a black hole that will never be completely done I decided to take a break and enjoy laying on my bed and doing nothing for 5 minutes. Then I found this!

If this isn’t the sweetest thing I’ve seen today then I don’t know what is. Have a lovely day because everyday has the potential to be a lovely day. You just need to be positive.

Happy Sunday

Crazy French People

This is one of the coolest videos I’ve seen in a while. Basically it takes one song (Get Lucky by Daft Punk) and shows what it would sound like in each decade. It starts in the 1920’s and goes until 2020’s. I think its ridiculously cool and have watched it probably somewhere near 20 times since I was first shown it a couple months ago.
I’ve decided the 1930’s is my favorite decade for the song, which has now sparked an interest in the music of that decade.

I’m excited!

Obviously I am not very good at the whole “consistancy” thing

But granted, I worked for two weeks and then went on vacation for one. I am a little scatter brained and can’t keep focused on any one thing.

I’m a mess, but my vacation was extremely helpful in un-messing me. Turks and Caicos was amazing, my family is insane, and I am so ready to go back to work! Apparently they like me and I’m a quick learner. Hopefully, this goes well. I have a good feeling about being here.