Month: January 2015

Things I want for my weekend alone


It is now 4pm on Friday.

This weekend my parents went down to Florida to check on things and see my grandparents. My sisters are both away at school and my brother is staying with my aunt because he doesn’t have school.

And this is what I want to collect for my weekend alone. I’m going on a mission after work. Here is my list:

  • Pizza (duh)
  • Rosafolia Diptyque Candle (probably won’t happen since its $60)
  • Korbel Sweet Pink Champagne
  • Oreos
  • Cookies and Creme PopTarts
  • My Book
  • White Wine
  • A Lush Bath Bomb
  • All three installments of the History Channel’s Sons of Liberty
  • A fluffy robe
  • Chinese Food
  • A crown (per usual)
  • Chocolate covered strawberries
  • Macaroons
  • A pretty color of nail polish

Wish me luck kids!


Snowpocalypse 2015 Blizzard Juno

New York and its surrounding areas were threatened by Winter Storm Juno at the beginning of this week.

The mayors and governors of New York, New Jersey, Connecticut and other states took over local news channels to tell citizens to stay indoors and basically caused wide spread panic. They even interrupted jeopardy man. It was uncool.

Because of the mass hysteria, I worked from home yesterday. One of my sisters didn’t go back to college until this morning because her classes we all canceled. My dad even stayed home from work which I don’t remember ever actually happening before.

All mass transit was shut down Monday night at 11 until yesterday afternoon and I spent my day watching random movies and checking my emails remotely from my laptop.

This morning, I woke up at my normal time, took the picture below, and got on the bus for work. All I can say is thank god for snow plows. Also, thanks for not sending New York City that much snow. I’m good with under a foot.


One If By Land…

sons_of_liberty_poster-p228424876082627639trma_400I am a History Nerd.

If it were up to me, I would have majored in History and Theology in college and been unemployed but known a lot of cool shit.

My favorite periods include, (but are not limited to,) Colonial America, when druid and pagan beliefs were most prominent, the beginning of every religion and, of course around the time of the Knights Templar. (This apparently, means you are insane. Ask any history buff. Any person obsessing over Templar related stuff is nuts. I’m ok with this.)

I like learning about the beginnings of things, the beginnings of the Christian Church, the beginning of the Colonies, the beginnings of religion in general. Its all profoundly interesting to me because I am the kind of person who enjoys knowing as much about the past as possible. This way, I know what to expect in the future.


Last night, the History Channel debuted their original series Sons of Liberty and it was great. I even stayed up until 11pm to watch the whole thing. The three part series started yesterday and will continue until tomorrow night. It follows Sam Adams, John Adams, Paul Revere, John Hancock and Dr. Joseph Warren in the days that lead to the American revolution. While the mini series seems somewhat accurate to what actually happened, it is not meant to be taken literally. According to, “SONS OF LIBERTY is a dramatic interpretation of events that sparked a revolution. It is historical fiction, not a documentary. The goal of our miniseries is to capture the spirit of the time, convey the¬†personalities of the main characters, and focus on real events that have shaped our past.”

All in all, the first part was exciting. It ended with the death of Christopher Snider, an 11 year-old boy who was shot to death by random gunfire while a mob was storming the home of Loyalist informer, Ebenezer Richardson. According to Celebrate Boston, and many other accounts of the story, Snider’s death played a pivotal role in the revolution that would soon bring about the United States.

On the boy’s coffin, which was walked in a huge funeral procession from the Liberty Tree, (landmark inscribed with “Sons of Liberty, 1766”) to the cemetery, was a velvet coffin cover bearing the following:

The serpent is lurking in the grass.
The fatal dart is thrown.
Innocence is nowhere safe.

I actually fast-forwarded and rewound enough to find this again just to make sure I read it correctly because I loved the wording that much. I cannot wait to watch part two tonight.

And so, I leave you with this (because I need to get back to work):

“For those whose sheddeth, or procureth the shedding of Man’s Blood, by MAN SHALL HIS BLOOD BE SHED.”


10 things I really like

  1. Pizza
  2. French bulldog puppies
  3. Leather clothing and accessories
  4. Oreos
  5. Giant water bottles
  6. Pretty sunrises
  7. My bed
  8. Being away from the city and seeing all the stars
  9. Sesame chicken/egg rolls/lo mein/Chinese food
  10. Novels about history/witchcraft/badass women


I have a lot of drafts just sitting here, so maybe I’ll start actually publishing them. We shall see


I feel like I’m always a little different when I write on this blog. I’m chipper and sweet tempered and don’t curse.

Fun Fact: I am none of those things.

I curse like a sailor, which is weird because neither of my parents ever cursed in front of me as a child. Even to this day I’ve heard each curse maybe twice in my whole life… and I’m 23.

As a person, I’m a strange mix of optimism and misery, I move through both levels of emotion as a wave comes and goes, I guess. Neither is ever too permanent, allowing me to be a giant douche one second and a sweet little angel the next.

I’m a calm person, very laid back, but I’m not sure I’m sweet tempered. I can be patient but very rarely want to be. I don’t particularly care about things, I take life as it comes and just hope for the best. I’m definitely a full blown mess at any given time and, while I don’t know if that’s something I should be proud of, I totally am.

I wish I knew how to explain myself better.

Ashley Graham

At this point, y’all should know that I obsess over things for a little bit and then find something new to obsess about.

Last week it was the iced coffee recipe; this week it’s Ashley Graham.ashleygramGraham is a 28-year-old plus-sized model from mid-USA. She was scouted at 12 years old and has been modelling since. She’s done runway shows, commercials, catalogue shoots,and is really well known as a lingerie model for Lane Bryant.

Ashley is all about loving your body, as all people should be. She is a founding member of ALDA, which includes four other models of all shapes and sizes. The point of ALDA, (meaning ‘wave’ in Icelandic) is to promote a healthy body image for women “beyond boundaries and limitations of size,” says Graham’s website. The five amazing women give lectures, talks and seminars in order to share their experiences and love with all people.

She’s also teamed up with Net-A-Porter and produced the first of a series of videos called the Curvy Fit Club, which is included in the January edit of of the online mag. I watched the video and think its a pretty cool concept. It is basically how to work out to stay healthy without losing your curves. Curves are cool man, you’re gonna wanna keep em. In the Net-A-Porter edit she talks about how influential her mother has been in her ability to love her body. Two thumbs up Momma Graham!

Oh, and she’s begun her own lingerie line, so again, obsession (since lingerie is another obsession I have. its all good though man, I’ll be poor by next week.)

I’m just super excited about finding out about her because she is a beautiful person, both inside and out. So without further adieu, here is Ms. Graham.

 largea773e848b5da71756e88eafc13d40d4310932288_887983747912338_963489684_aShown with the other women of ALDA

tumblr_nbfryupdqu1r05kcro1_500AG_2 hires-961508-20120226_Ashley-1346

“Whatchya makin there?”

Day 1

I was able to easily transport my iced coffee in a thermos type thing I found in my cabinet, which is what I was really worried about. Once I got into my office I realized we only had whole milk and its WAY too cold to go out and get skim milk so I’m just going with the whole milk flow. I found a giant plastic cup and poured the majority of the coffee I brought into it. I added 2 equals and a splash of whole milk (which ended up being more than a splash because my hand is really unsteady apparently) and then mixed my concoction all together before adding the ice.

And voilaaaaa! Iced coffee!


God bless this iced coffee addict

I tried, alright, I really tried.

Let me back up a bit.

Right now it’s about midnight Monday, January 19th and I finally finished making iced coffee.

Just as a refresher, I tried to make my own iced coffee to save money. But after getting made fun of by my family for a gross looking pitcher of dirt water I don’t know if it’s worth it. But here’s what I did.

This morning, at about 11:30ish I got my shit together and tried to make iced coffee. I should’ve done it when I woke up this morning. But whatever. I chose to follow Hungry Girl Por Vida’s recipe. Won’t lie, it seemed the easiest to me. Plus the wikihow article was only a general outline. So here’s the beginning of a terrible idea.

Here are my supplies. Dunkin Donuts French Vanilla ground coffee. I’m a little nervous about the flavoring but hopefully this works out. Pretty pitcher with 9 cups of water. And cling wrap to cover the pitcher evenly. Peep Santa Claus’s beard in the background. Oops.

French Vanilla man, I’m nervous and excited at the same time.

Here’s my pitcher of dirt water. Ugh.

Here’s how I separated the coffee grinds from the coffee. It is from Teavana. They don’t make this model anymore since its at least 5 years old but I found this, which is essentially the same thing.

So because the recipe told me to leave it for 12 hours, I decided to go to sleep with an alarm set for 11:30pm. That was a terrible idea. Not only did my alarm go off just as I was falling asleep, I also had to get out of my nice warm bed to go filter coffee that I couldn’t even drink yet. I really am hoping it’ll be worth it tomorrow morning.

Wish me luck everyone, cheers!

Iced Coffee Recipes

Weeeelllll, I suck.

4 days of “researching” iced coffee was pretty much me looking at really pretty pictures of coffee while crying about how much I needed coffee at that moment. But, I collected four sites with pretty delicious looking pictures, so here are the contenders in the order that I found them:

  1. Hungry Girl Por Vida’s Vanilla Almond Iced Coffee:IMG_8668The vanilla almond flavor comes from the creamer that is made separately then added to the coffee once its made. I’m not really a huge creamer fan because I kinda like the taste of coffee but options make the world go round so that’s why its on the list.
  2. The Housewife in Training’s Perfect Homemade Iced Coffee:DSC_2106Created by an ex-starbucks barista, this recipe caught my attention because of the cute little anecdote as well as her dislike for people who think iced coffee is simply pouring hot coffee over ice once brewed. We both agreed that you definitely should not do that. While the blog title is something I don’t really understand, I definitely think this is a great one to follow.
  3. The Pioneer Woman’s Perfect Iced Coffee:5826458140_48b1f23aef_zThis one totally threw me for a loop because of how detailed the explanation was (which I enjoyed) and how awesome the condensed milk looked. Like I said, I’m not a creamer person. I put a splash of skim milk and a sugar or two in my iced coffee and then I’m gone. But this woman’s tidbit about adding condensed milk to the iced coffee looked magical. Plus, I love the pitcher she made it in. Always a fan of cute and functional.
  4. and finally WikiHow’s first way to make Iced Coffee:670px-Make-Iced-Coffee-Step-1While the picture makes the coffee look super weak (bleh) the explanation is pretty useful. Also, again, totally cute pitcher (not shown here, obviously.)

So I think the general plan for this weekend will be to make an iced coffee recipe of my own by mixing all four of the above ideas. Hopefully, I’ll be able to document everything without getting frustrated and throwing coffee grinds at someone. I have a good feeling about this and will make sure I write down what I do so that I can share it here.

Wish me luck!