Month: April 2014

I’m pretty sure Manhattan would be the greatest city in the world if it was always 75 and sunny. Because really, who wants to have to endure this? No one.



I’m not a very controversial person. I don’t like fighting. I do not enjoy hurting others. Most of the time I would rather be physically hurt over being hurt emotionally. As a self proclaimed writer, I take words very seriously. I know how powerful words can be, I know the kind of damage they can cause, even if it was only accidental. Words are dangerous. People tend to forget that. Some say that actions speak louder than words, but sometimes those words drown out everything else.

Be conscious of the words you choose and what you say, because once it is said, there is no taking them back.

My future home



Once I get my own place, this is what my living room walls will look like. (…and the bed room walls, and the kitchen walls. pretty much any wall I can do this to, its going down)

I’ll have a big, brown, worn out leather chair for me to read in and a suede couch of a similar color. I’ll get multiple side tables for around the room with dozens of candles and lamps so I can adjust the brightness depending on my mood.

I’ll have cute little coasters for my mugs and warn blankets everywhere, just in case. I want fluffy pillows to lean on and plants and flowers all around the room. I’ll get a surround sound type system and connect it to a record player, so that I can play pretty music while I read; I want a desk in the corner, an antique wood one (with matching chair) to put my type writer on, and a gorgeous leather bound notebook to write stuff in that will stay at the desk, a feather quill to write with, and a giant carpet for the middle of the room.

This is what I want my future to look like. That’s important.


My mom was 24 when I was born. My parents had been married for a little more than a year when I entered the world and brought the magic of parenthood to them. They told me that originally, they had wanted to wait five years before having children. Apparently the universe thought otherwise.
Both my parents are the oldest sibling. My father is the oldest of three, (he has two sisters,) and my mother is the oldest of four, (she has a bother and two sisters.) When I was born, my mom’s youngest sibling was 12 years old. My Aunt Lisa was probably the most important woman in my life growing up besides my mother and grandmother. She was like an older sister, and taught through example. She was smart, independent, courageous and always did what she thought was right, no matter what everyone else did. I’ve always looked up to her and she always looked out for me.
When I was 15, my Aunt Lisa married her best friend, Frankie. He’s the nicest man you could ever meet and he’s loved my aunt since he was 14. A few years later, they had their first child, Francesco. He’s the most adorable child I’ve ever met. Almost two years after him, they had their daughter, Rosanna. Again, a crazy adorable little kid whom I love with all my heart.photo_1(1)
These two mean so much to me and I wish I could give them everything my aunt gave me. I wish we lived just a little bit closer, so I could teach them the ways of life. They don’t live far though, which is nice. I love seeing them as often as I can and watching them grow up.
Last night I slept over to help out and hang out with my aunt and uncle. I think my aunt felt bad because we didn’t do anything special. I tried to explain to her that I don’t want to do anything crazy, I just want to be around them. I don’t think my aunt understands how much she means to me.




My little munchkins are a giant reason to smile, always.

The Most Delicious List to Ever Grace this Blog

My boyfriend is pretty strong willed. He was able to completely change his diet and lifestyle and lost a lot of weight over the last few years. I’m really proud of him.

But what I love about it is that he never turned into one of those creepy gym obsessed health freaks that only talks about how much they love kale.

Let’s get one thing straight. I love food. I don’t mean I like food because it helps me survive and because some of it tastes good. I mean my life revolves around food. I go to sleep excited for breakfast. Pizza has cured bad weeks and chocolate can transform me from a beast into a normal human again. I would punch a Disney World face character for well made eggplant rollitini and would probably beat them up in front of a large group of children for a well made Tiramisu. Both my parents are really great cooks. My mom doesn’t enjoy it as much as my dad does. My father constantly says he missed his calling in life, which was to be a short order cook. He is imaginative and creative and makes things no one would ever try to make.

I, on the other hand, have burnt Rice-a-Roni multiple times and set the fire alarm off in my dorm 4 times in one semester my junior year of college (those were dark times… but it was the first time I had my own kitchen!)

After telling you all of this I hope I’ve conveyed my intense appreciation for food.

That is why I never understood the phrase that people use, “nothing tastes as good as skinny feels.”

My boyfriend and I were making fun of that phase because, while he has gotten thinner than he used to be, he is still a self proclaimed “fat kid” and that is why we are so good together. While making fun of the phrase, I started listing things that do, in fact, taste better than skinny feels… and here is my list:

  1. Pizza (duh)
  2. a plain bagel toasted with strawberry creamcheese
  3. every non-fruit flavored poptart
  4. gummy worms
  5. 7/11’s chicken salad sandwich
  6. Kit Kats
  7. mozzarella
  8. sweet potato fries
  9. bacon egg and cheese on a roll
  10. french onion soup
  11. nutella on warm toast
  12. caramel flavored ice cream
  13. lo mein
  14. creme brulee
  15. chocolate chip pancakes
  16. turkey bacon
  17. flour-less chocolate cake
  18. tortilla chips and spicy salsa
  19. pretty much every kind of doughnut
  20. cosmic brownies
  21. Belgian waffles
  22. those giant turkey legs that Disney World sells
  23. Carvel’s flying saucers (my entire senior year these were all I ate. They went well with all the alcohol I could finally legally drink… healthy I know)
  24. big macs
  25. Oreos
  26. Applebee’s Chocolate lava cake
  27. chocolate cupcakes with funfetti frosting
  28. caramel covered granny smith apples with pecans or walnuts (whichever, I’m not picky)
  29. fried chicken
  30. Kinder brand chocolate Easter Eggs
  31. chicken nuggets
  32. Italian bread
  33. Mr Softee vanilla soft serve with crunchies on top
  34. croissants
  35. freshly baked chocolate chip cookies raw cookie dough
  36. lasagna
  37. tequila sunrises (the drink)
  38. General Tso’s chicken
  39. double chocolate muffins
  40. grilled octopus
  41. my grandmother’s cookies
  42. cappuccinos
  43. cheese cake
  44. chicken fingers and honey mustard
  45. roasted peppers
  46. steak
  47. mashed potatoes
  48. chocolate covered strawberries
  49. carrot cake
  50. beef stew
  51. chicken cutlets
  52. fruit roll ups/fruit by the foot
  53. all wine
  54. pork fried rice

ok I need to stop this list because I’m now starving and I just finished lunch.

If I could eat all of these foods all the time without being 800 pounds I totally would. But not everyone is lucky enough to have a fast metabolism… so I’ll just sit here, eat my orange, and be sad.

*disclaimer, I actually love vegetables but I figured they didn’t go very well with the rest of the list.

I love blogging. My general desire for this blog is to write every day. But sometimes I feel like I don’t have anything to say… That and I forget to post a lot.
So, because of that, I wish I did something really exciting, or that my job was more than just sitting at a computer all day, so that I could write about it here. I wish I could show you pictures of my travels every day or brag about cool work I’ve completed.

But alas, I cannot. I can just sit at my computer and talk about weird things I do on the reg.

Here’s to a more exciting tomorrow.