wedding planning

I have come to the conclusion that wedding planning sucks…

If you don’t believe me, know that I stayed out until I was absolutely certain everyone in my family was asleep before coming home, even though my eyes were barely staying open while out.

As soon as I got engaged everyone kept saying I should enjoy this time; enjoy being engaged, enjoy the planning, enjoy everything. So far, I’m having a giant 500+ person wedding instead of a destination (or Vegas) wedding, with a giant bridal party even though I wanted a small one, with a DJ instead of a band, a photographer who I think is pretentious, a videographer that I’ve disliked since I was about 12, at a hall I picked because of the color scheme of the foyer… and because it was big enough to fit 600 people. I am very much over the planning of this. I’ve already cried to a priest and been dress shopping twice with nothing to show for it. That should be enough for you people.

I also hate that all anyone wants to talk to me about is my wedding. I swear to God I’m smart and can hold a steady conversation about other relatively important things, like the current political climate of the country, or a recently released movie, or the fucking weather. Literally anything people.

I am very ready to be married and done with all of this. And don’t even get me started on how much weight I need to lose.

Having a wedding is not fun, I think I’m doing this incorrectly.


Day 6 of Unemployment

My mom keeps telling me to use this time to plan my wedding. So now I’m trying to actually care about it. Hopefully visiting venues and seeing what each has to offer will help me give a shit about the wedding. All I care about is the being married part. I’m excited to wake up next to him every morning, to get home at night and him be there. It’s the part that involves a priest is what I don’t care much for… wish me luck.