Greece Day Dio

Day two in Greece is at its end and it was even better than day one, plus I had a croissant at breakfast. 

My dad came to wake up my siblings and me at 9:30 because we thought breakfast ended at 10. Luckily it ends at 11 and we got to hang out with lots of delicious food. I think I tried everything, but if not I will try harder tomorrow.

For dinner, we went into town and ate at Avra which is a beautiful garden restaurant. I had fish risotto… Again. Until I find some Spanakopita or Pastitsio I’m probably going to continue to eat some sort of fish risotto accidentally. Mykonos is very touristy and there were souvenir shops all over. I started my souv list! 

I don’t know what tomorrow will bring but I hope it was as pretty as today.

Obviously my pictures won’t load (again) so maybe tomorrow? Wish me luck!


Paradise Island Day 4 and a half

Last night my family and I got home from the Bahamas. We landed in JFK International Airport a little before schedule and I was finally able to sleep in my own bed. I was not happy waking up at 6 this morning, but work is important… Or so I’m told.

The last day and a half of our Paradise Island experience was definitely that. I sat in the water and fed cheezits to little fish, I went on a tube ride called “The Surge,” I drank a 25oz yardstick strawberry margarita, and we took a million pictures, of course. I was excited to come home to my own bed and normal LTE phone service but I do miss having my aunts, uncles, and cousins in rooms down the hall. Kids are annoying but cute, so they make up for it. 

All I know is that I am extremely grateful that this week is only 3 days long for me, because I am ready for bed like you would not believe!


Paradiso Day 3

Today was spent by the pools, burning the bottoms of our feet and fighting over chairs. Obviously the weather was perfect and everyone was happy… Kind of. Tonight was spent celebrating love and watching a parade. Both were perfect in their own way,

I don’t think I’ve mentioned this yet but my mom’s immediate family came on vacation to the Bahamas to celebrate my grandparents’ 50th wedding anniversary. They barely knew each other when they got married, and they’ve lasted together for 50 years. I hope for a love that strong one day.

It’s not even late here and I can barely keep my eyes open. I’m calling that a good day.


Yes, I really did buy myself a pen in the shape of a baguette

I might have lost weight with all of the walking we did in Europe if we didn’t eat 3 dinners a night while there.

While the food in Paris wasn’t my favorite, the Roman food was killer. But besides food, here is what my European adventure consisted of…

We flew into Charles de Gaulle airport at 8am Wednesday morning and scoured the airport for a info booth. We bought the museum pass and train tickets and took the B train into Cité Universitaire. We came out of the metro and I started to get nervous because I had no idea where I was. Thankfully, I found a little bit of wifi and mapped out our way to the hotel. The entire 15 minute walk I stayed nervous because, at that point, God only knew if we were going the right way.

Finally, we found the hotel, only to be told we couldn’t check in yet. Luckily, Nick and I were both in comfortable enough shoes to start our adventure immediately.

First stop, the Eiffel Tower… Obviously.


Next stop, the aquarium… Accidentally.


After walking randomly, finding bad food and walking around aimlessly again, we finally made our way back to the hotel (after I got us lost a lot and had to give up the map)



We passed out at 6pm that night.

The next morning we started museuming in Paris with the Louvre.










That night, we got to see the Tour Eiffel sparkle and had the best dinner in France.



Our last day in France was spent in Versailles and D’Orsay. I injured myself in Versailles (I’m still limping, kinda.)





And then we went to Rome! As sketchy as Rome is (we ended up at the wrong hotel accidentally) it was great. Our first day began at the Spanish Steps, the Trevi Fountain (which is under construction – total bullshit,) the Pantheon, and ended at Piazza Navona, where we had gelato, risotto, espresso, and hung out.




Our second day, we went to the Colosseum and the forum and then got stuck in the pouring rain and wanted to cry. Our site seeing for day 2 was cut short when we had to walk a few miles to find our bus while it poured continuously.






The rain was miserable but we made up for it the third day with a tour of the Vatican.

Here I am all squinty eyed. Obvs awesome.



That night we had 3 dinners and a lot of tiramisus and it was all delicious.



Tuesday morning we woke up and finally came home. Our first flight was from Rome to Paris, which landed way after our second flight was done boarding. All I wanted to do was shop in the airport in Paris and I couldn’t even do that. I was not happy. After 8 and a half hours we landed in New Jersey. Customs was a little annoying, our bags were spot checked, I hugged my dad, he got us coffee and we froze our asses off trying to find his truck. Finally, we drove home.

20141123-220341.jpgI feel like I used the word “finally” a lot as I discussed the last leg of our trip. That’s because I missed my family and my routine and not having to wake up at 7am and walk around for 12 hours.

As much as I love to travel and see new things and experience different cultures, cuisines and people, I missed being home. I missed people speaking English and not getting dirty looks on the Metro. I missed my bed.


I loved my trip but thank God I’m home.

*After Thought:
My boyfriend managed to eat 4 onion soups during the 3 days we spent in France. I just wanted to add that in. I found it funny. Maybe that’s why the French dislike Americans.

Day One Post Vegas

Welcome to Struggle City, Population: Me


Today was a mess.

I arrived at JFK International Airport at 12am last night and was picked up by my mother and brother. It took us about an hour and 15ish minutes to get home. Once home, I ate a bowl of left over pasta and caught up with my mom. Finally, after way too long, I showered and crawled into my bed. By then it was about 2am.

My alarm was set for 6:10 this morning but of course I hit snooze. I rolled out of bed at 6:30, brushed my teeth, put on jeans and the first black shirt in my closet and was standing at the bus stop by 7. I passed out on the bus as soon as I sat down.

I woke up as we were leaving the Lincoln Tunnel and hitting 34th st. I forgot that I don’t have as much time to recover from my early morning nap as I used to now that my office is the second stop instead of the 9th so I almost missed it. I ran up the middle isle of the bus and may or may not have ran into a chair in the process. Super embarrassing. Cool.

I got to the front of the bus as the driver was closing the door. I yelled hey and scared the woman in the front seat. He looked back and realized who I was and then let me jump off just before the light turned green. Once off the bus and still groggy from sleep, I hobbled to the Dunkin Donuts a few doors away from my office and spent the last $2 I had on my Dunkin Perks card on a small coffee. Apparently I was too tired to even finish the coffee so that was a waste. I stumbled into my building hugging my coffee and finally made it to mg cubicle without running into anything else. Of course I was 45 minutes early because I take an annoyingly early bus every day just in case there’s traffic. I sat at my desk ate my zucchini cake and drank about a third of my coffee while perusing the emails I’d gotten over the weekend.

Finally by 9am everyone was in and asking how my vacay was. I left out the gory details and showed them the picture of me miserably eating my chicken fingers while hungover at a pool party, (see image below.) The rest of my day was filled with projects and trying my hardest to stay awake.

At about 2:30 I went on a hunt for soup as a second lunch. Instead I found this awesome rice and a iced pumpkin spiced latte from Starbucks. the woman at the counter didn’t want to give it to me at first but then let me have it without even knowing the code to unlock it… Love her. It tasted funny but it’s fine because I miss fall and pumpkin.

Overall, I didn’t die today, which is definitely a win. The girl I work with who went to Vegas two weekends ago kept asking if I was crashing and I kept trying to tell her that you can’t crash when you’re already at the bottom.

I think this is my favorite picture from my trip to Las Vegas, I’m just sitting at some random people’s table that they paid $5,000 for, eating chicken fingers and ignoring everyone. Pure mess right there.

Naples, Day 2

Today was the first day I’ve been to the beach since August… Needless to say it was magical.

herro children


my sister wanted to text but the sun made it hard for her to see her phone

Today, as fun as it was, is also Good Friday, for those of us who partake in the Christian religion. Because today is the day Jesus was crucified, as a Christian, you are supposed to fast and contemplate your sins. Well I mean I didn’t really have lunch… for today, my family makes scalcione, an inside out pizza of sorts with olives, onions, peppers and anchovies (gross) inside.


Since I don’t enjoy anchovies as much as the rest of my family, eating scalcione is like walking through a mine field barefoot. You may think that’s overly dramatic, but today I took a bite and there was a giant chunk of the little furry fish that almost caused me to vomit.

always gotta check, just in case

I still haven’t found out whether scalcione (which I’m probably spelling incorrectly) is a tradition with roots in the Italian culture, the culture of Puglia, the Molaze culture (stemming from Mola do Bari, where my family is from,) or something my family made up because it tastes good. Either way, we look forward to scalcione and Good Friday all year long.



it was called a Vincenzo and was a flour-less chocolate cake with caramel ice cream- so delicious

Oscar Wilde reminding me to stay thankful that I’m actually employed… Because so many people my age are not

Island company, my new favorite store

Day 2 was a success and I look forward to breakfast and day 3!

Obviously I am not very good at the whole “consistancy” thing

But granted, I worked for two weeks and then went on vacation for one. I am a little scatter brained and can’t keep focused on any one thing.

I’m a mess, but my vacation was extremely helpful in un-messing me. Turks and Caicos was amazing, my family is insane, and I am so ready to go back to work! Apparently they like me and I’m a quick learner. Hopefully, this goes well. I have a good feeling about being here.