Greece Day Octo

Tonight is our last night in Greece. We have to be up at 4:30am so we came back early to pack.

Today was pretty relaxing. We stayed by the pool drinking iced cappuccinos here (it was heaven) until our bus came to take us to Oia.   

  Oia is the town that comes up when you google search Santorini; the town with the  white houses and blue done roofs. Apparently those white buildings are actually churches, and I saw one the entire time I was there. My entire family dressed in white and climbed to a random high point on the island to watch he sunset but it was a little anticlimactic. Plus, we got stuck in foot traffic as hundreds of people poured down the side of the island after the sunset so Oia definitely wasn’t my favorite part of the island. I did chicken souvlaki for both lunch and dinner so that was a high point of the day!

I think I’ll be able to better reflect on my trip once I’m well rested and well hydrated (bottled water in Europe tastes a little funny) but it was definitely a success. I wish I was able to upload more pictures but once I’m in my own country and AT&T is back in the upper left hand side of my phone screen I will definitely be putting pictures everywhere. 

But until then, kalinikta my friends 

Naples Days 3 & 4

I skipped days 3 and 4 of my Naples trip!

Wow, I’m lame.

I guess now is as good a time as any to tell you how Saturday and Sunday were.

Day 3

The first half of Day 3 was spent at the beach. My family is weird so anytime we’re alone together we have a great time, like at the beach.


that’s my brother. he’s awesome.


 that was our nesting area… that towel cone head is my sister.

this is a close up of my towel/cone head sister who was trying to text under there

The beach was fun but can take a lot out of you. We went to the Waterside Shops after the beach because my parents told a friend they would pick up a belt for them… The store they had planned on going to had closed down. So instead we walked around until we got hungry, at which point we went to the California Pizza Kitchen. My dad asked for every appetizer on the menu and the waiter thought we he was kidding and only brought us half. Eventually we got all of them.

The rest of the day was spent making waffles and ice cream and sitting around making jokes. I also watched way too much Gilligan’s Island.


giant messy counter full of waffle things

My favorite moments with my family are when we’re all sitting around doing nothing, enjoying each others company.

Day 4

Day 4 happened to be Easter and my last day in Florida.
Our morning was spent in church, because as a Roman Catholic, Easter is a holy day of obligation, meaning you have to go.

here we are. All 6 of us. In our Easter/Florida best.


here are my little munchkins. my best friends all lined up behind me.

After church, my dad and I went to Walmart for cold cuts and we, again, sat around eating.

After dinner we had cake for my dad because Sunday was his birthday. I forgot to buy candles so we used sparklers instead. It was dangerous but, as a family, we live on the edge, so it was no biggie. (My mom put Saran Wrap over the top of the cake so that the soot from the sparklers wouldn’t get all over the cake. Some of it melted but, again, no biggie.)

here’s my dad with his Saran wrapped sparkle cake

Unfortunately, that was the end of my trip.

After cake and coffee, Eli and I loaded our luggage into the back of my parents truck and were driven to the airport. My parents are pretty protective so they waited outside the airport until they were sure we got through security.

I almost had a breakdown because my Nook was on 10% as soon as I turned it on in the airport. (I’ve been using my sister’s charger and I forgot to charge it while in Florida.) But then, by some Easter miracle, I found a PDF of the book I’m reading on safari on my phone, and was able to read the whole way home!

Overall the trip was fun. Sometimes my family needs a little time away from everyone else. My mom and dad just look happier in Florida. Maybe, one day, we can move there.

I’ll leave you with pictures from the flight home. Happy Travels everyone 🙂

photo 3photo 1photo 2  photo 4