Wish List for This Very Second in Time

  1. (each word is a link to a thlb inspo picture. go. look. enlighten one another.)
  2. some more coffee, delivered to my desk… preferably of the iced persuasion.
  3. for it to be 5:10pm so I can leave my office without feeling bad.
  4. October.
  5. more sweet chili sauce from DeeDaa for this thai grilled chicken (aka heaven.)
  6. a new book series to obsess over. (I finished my other one last night. I was terribly sad. I’m now dealing with what some readers refer to as a “book hangover.” but you know what they say about hangovers… to avoid em, ya gotta keep drinkin! …er reading…)
  7. a massive amount of cookies.
  8. a beach day.
  9. a pumpkin spiced iced coffee… ugh. that’s more of a need than a wish.
  10. good music suggestions to help me out of my book hangover
  11. this bad boy.