pumpkin pie

Day 1 of my Birthday Week

Today is my little sister’s birthday, but also Day 1 of my birthday week. Birthday week is always filled with cake and cookies and ice cream and love, so it’s always the best week of the year.

Day One went a little something like this:

I shopped online at work, bought my sister an edible arrangement because they’re delicious, bought 2 tickets to the chocolate expo this Sunday at the Meadowlands Expo Center, bought other things, made Chase nervous, spoke on the phone with the Chase people to verify that all the purchases I’d made in the last 24 hours were indeed mine, finally bought 2 rad shirts I had been trying to buy for hours but Chase wouldn’t let me, bought lipstick from Macy’s, and discussed marriage with the girl I work with.

Then I went to dinner with Nick. We went to his favorite Chinese place, then to Barnes and Noble, where he let me pick out whatever I wanted (which lead up a frantic, hour-long search for anything I thought I might like, this was terrifying,) then we went to stop and shop, picked up a pumpkin pie, went back to his house and ate a quarter of it.

When I got home my mom and I are the other quarter of it. That was great.

Overall, day one has been swell. While it is late and day two is a Tuesday, (I hate Tuesdays. Nothing good ever happens on a Tuesday,) I have high hopes for my birthday week.

Wish me luck!

I couldn’t decide so my present was both. The one time my indecisive nature worked in my favor