pumpkin picking

Hello, My name is Angela, and I am a pretend blogger. It has been 13 days since my last post.

I suck at consistency. I know I write about this all the time but I really do suck at it. I like routines but sticking to them very rarely works in my favor. So let’s talk about what has happened in the last 13 days.

On September 18th I wrote a baby post about rereading the Harry Potter series. I am now almost finished with book 4. Viktor Krum is severely underrated as a really nice frikin guy… except when in the maze.

On October 3rd I went to Orlando, Florida for a wedding. Nick’s cousin got married at the Grand Floridian (the Disney Hotel) and it was actually very pretty. We only stayed for a few days but I did get to see the new addition to Universal Studios (Diagon Alley – HIGHLY SUGGESTED IF YOU LIKE HP) and the Food and Wine Festival in Epcot.

On October 7th I began binge-watching Witches of East End on Netflix. I just found out there were only two seasons so I’m pretty bummed about that. I like witches so anything involving witches will capture my attention instantly. I wish I had someone to suggest witch flavored things to watch and read. I need witchly guidance.

On October 11th I was forced to go apple/pumpkin picking and, in turn, forced Nick to go apple/pumpkin picking. Neither of us were too happy about it but I was better at pretending than he was.

And today, October 13th, is Tuesday. So you know something bad will happen and I will be miserable.

Keep me in your prayers/safety spells. I will probably need them. But without further adieu, here are some pictures form the last 2 weeks.