Packing Adventures

I love packing but I also loathe packing. It’s a terrible relationship. I never know what to pack but I love getting it to all fit perfectly.

LUCKILY back in November I learned about packing cubes and bought myself a fairly cheap set to test out on my European adventure with my boyfriend, Nick.

WELL, now I’m obsessed with them. I cannot go on a trip without them. It’s amazing how small and compact they are and how they can fit EVERYTHING. 

On Friday I leave for Greece with my family. I had to pack 9 outfits, 8 bathing suits, 8 cover ups, and 16 pairs of underwear, as well as a few bras and pajamas. And do you know how I did it? That’s right PACKING CUBES! The little square thingies from heaven. 

  Excuse my ugly hand writing but CAN YOU BELIEVE that all of that fits into those three little cubes?!? I still have so much room for my shoes (which always take up soo much room) and my toiletries and, of course, souvenirs!
I love trips, I love going places I’ve never been, I love meeting people who speak different languages and have completely different cultures. I just love experiencing the world. And I love packing cubes. 

So there’s that.

This is getting out of hand

Well, here I am. On the bus to work at 7 am with a really obnoxious woman speaking to her friend on speaker.

T minus 13 hours until take off.

I’m freaking out. Duh.

I feel so ill-prepared. But the exciting thing is that I finally figured out my outfits… Kinda.. I separated them into pool and night outfits then took pictures of them so I would remember what goes with what before packing them away. Hopefully we don’t go anywhere else besides the pool and the club because I don’t have the outfits to support a real place.

My sister and I have decided not to check in a bag in order to bypass that annoying $50 luggage charge. Because of this, I’ve had to fit enough shit for 4 full days into a little baby carry-on. And here are the results:

We will start with Day Outfits:

My first bathing suit is a high wasted number from Forever 21. I think the patterns is extremely exciting. I’ve decided to wear a high wasted lace skirt from a boutique by my old office over it, and a plain white tank from Cotton On to get through the lobby of the hotel without getting yelled at for being naked. The sandals are BCBG and will be worn on the plane, as well as with another bathing suit, to save room in my carry on and so that I didn’t have to buy more shoes.

Next bathing suit is a brown Tommy Bahama two piece from a few years ago that I will always love. The lace dress going over it is from Saks Fifth Ave and the sandals I’ve had (and broke) for a few years. It’s no biggie. I just refused to wear wedges at the pool. I’m way too clumsy for that.

Third and final bathing suit is from Venus. The kimono to go over it is from Cotton On and here are the shoes I am wearing with the first bathing suit. All fun and games.

Now for Night Outfits:

While scrolling theough my Going Out Attire” keep in mind that all of the outfits I will be wearing out at night are designed with the utmost comfort in mind. I am not the kind of girl that will sacrifice to look attractive in an outfit, so I plan what I wear based on what I will be least miserable in, and try to look as classy as possible.

Outfit 1:

Kara Clothing Body Suit, Asos shorts, Michael Kors shoes (which are my sisters but match the shorts perfectly!) and this really cute vintage clutch thing that my mom had in her closet (three cheers for moms with amazing fashion sense)

Outfit 2:

The jump suit I will be wearing for outfit 2 is from a boutique next door to my old office called Dor le Dor. I usually have too long a torso to wear body suits but this one fits perfectly and will be paired with Zara heels I bought this summer (on sale online- awesome!) and my red Chanel cross body (which is the love of my life, obviously.) This will no doubt be the most comfortable outfit I bring this weekend since it is long pants, which you can’t tell because I had to fold them up to get them in the picture.

Outfit 3:

I’m still not sure why I bought this outfit. It is super cute but it’s nothing like what I usually wear. I was really weary about it but both my sisters and my boyfriend said it needed to happen. So there I was in Kara in the Staten Island mall pretty torn over this skirt/crop top combo, but the fam won out and I will be dressed as a flower cupcake for outfit 3. This outfit will also include the Zara shoes, again firstly to save space in the carry on and secondly because I couldn’t spend anymore money. I found a clutch in my closet from God knows when and decided it went perfectly so that is how the bag was picked.

And finally, the back up outfit:

Kara skirt, boutique shirt, Zara heels, and Chanel crossbody come together to form a sporty/chic type look that’ll pretty much feel like I’m wearing sweatpants (the best feeling ever of course.)

And those are my outfits. A lot of opinions and money went into these because I can’t make a decision and I’m an idiot, so there you go.

I’ve packed my toiletries into a 1 quart bag and made sure to grab my straightening and curling irons.



Everything I need is packed into these perfect Louis Vuitton luggage set that belongs to my father. Him and my mother have a matching set so my sister and I will be borrowing them this weekend.


It’s all very glamorous but I’m just trying not to die from exhaustion/nerves/excitement.

So here is the what is promising to be a fantastic weekend with family and friends! CHEERS

Home stretch

The last few weeks have been rough man… I need a break. But I’m not getting one so here’s some info:

Firstly, I am almost done packing for my trip to Vegas! Which is awesome because I leave in less than 48 hours. Oy.

Second, here is a sneak peak of my outfits which I will be writing about sometime in the next 45 hours. (There’s also a really funny picture of me and my boyfriend on our friend’s sail boat this weekend. Good stuff.)


Third, I still have an annoying amount of stuff to do before I go and I’m starting to panic.

But here’s to the insane amount of coffee I’ll be drinking to stay awake tomorrow!


My mind is a scary place to be right now

I’m beginning to freak out.

In less than 4 days I will be in Disney World, freaking out.

But right now, I’m freaking out in my room in New York. I don’t travel by myself (without my family) often. I’ve only ever flown alone a few times, mostly to meet my family down in Florida (but not in Disney World.) The only other time I’ve ever flown by myself was when I studied abroad in Rome, Italy with one of my best friends for a month.

As exciting as that was, this is pretty different. Then, I was 16 years old, my mom was up my butt, and she made sure I was ready for a month on my own. Now, I’m almost 22, my mom is in Florida for a wedding, and I don’t know how to pack for myself, let alone plan an entire vacation by myself.

My mom is actually a super hero; she is able to do an insane amount of  things without much thought and she is just really impressive. I hope to be like her eventually. But as of right now, I am SO lost.

I had planned on spending today locked in my bedroom so that I can figure out what to bring to Florida with me. However, as it is almost 3pm and I am laying across my bed, half crying because of a headache I have that hasn’t gone away since Friday I don’t now how well this is working out in my favor. Obviously, this pain is cutting into my plan and I don’t like it.

Another thing that’s adding to the increasing sense of drowning that I’m dealing with right now is that I have absolutely no idea what to bring to wear because its still at least 80 degrees there!

Screen shot 2013-10-06 at 2.41.05 PM

So now I’m just freaking out and rolling around on my bed trying to think of what to wear… At least I know what books I’ll be bringing with me.

Wish me luck!