Its the happiest season of allllll


Welcome to the first full day of Fall!

Everyone loves Autumn. Come on. I will not let you deny it. Nature shows us how colorful she can be, we get to wear boots and cozy sweaters, hot tea is a thing. Fall is magical and wonderful and thank the good Lord it has arrived because I want to take a road trip up north through the woods and watch all the leaves change colors.

I also need to organize all my scarves/gloves/hats for the coming cold. I like being chilled, not frigid. Its a fine line, but I run it with precision.

But besides the warmness of scarves and boots, I definitely need to look into a serious revamping of my Fall wardrobe. I need more browns in my life. I wear all black most days (not because I have to, but because I find it easiest to match blacks that I do to match colors.) And I need to stop eating everything in sight. With the cold weather comes a seriously hearty appetite so I have a lot of gym sessions to attend… which sucks, terribly.

And, while losing weight and dressing pretty and organizing better, I’m going to need to plan my trip to Europe. I get so nervous every time I think about it. I’ve talked to my boyfriend about what he wants to accomplish during out three days in Paris and three days in Rome but he keeps saying that we can do whatever I want because he only wants to be with me, and everything else is just a plus. I appreciate him trying to take the pressure off, but him saying he doesn’t care what he sees only adds more pressure on me. I’m working on not going crazy but I don’t think its going well.

But, whatever. It’s Autumn. I need to enjoy it.

Side Note: I’m pretty sure, subconsciously, the only reason I have a savings account is that I can eventually stop working, buy myself an A-Line house and a giant dog (like a newfie or something almost ride-able), live in the woods and write a bunch of random shit on my type writer while eating fruit snacks, gummy worms, and cookies.  But again, what-the-heck-ever man.


Wish List for This Very Second in Time

  1. thigh.high.leather.boots. (each word is a link to a thlb inspo picture. go. look. enlighten one another.)
  2. some more coffee, delivered to my desk… preferably of the iced persuasion.
  3. for it to be 5:10pm so I can leave my office without feeling bad.
  4. October.
  5. more sweet chili sauce from DeeDaa for this thai grilled chicken (aka heaven.)
  6. a new book series to obsess over. (I finished my other one last night. I was terribly sad. I’m now dealing with what some readers refer to as a “book hangover.” but you know what they say about hangovers… to avoid em, ya gotta keep drinkin! …er reading…)
  7. a massive amount of cookies.
  8. a beach day.
  9. a pumpkin spiced iced coffee… ugh. that’s more of a need than a wish.
  10. good music suggestions to help me out of my book hangover
  11. this bad boy.


October is my favorite month. I don’t know if you sensed the excitement in the title ( I also like to use the cap lock button-no biggie.)

Sure its the month of my birth, BUT it is also the coolest month on the calendar. Therefore I have compiled a list of reasons why October rocks.

  1. Halloween- the coolest, scariest, most delicious holiday ever (also, the holiday with the best candy, totally kicks Easter’s butt.) AND YOU GET TO PLAY DRESS UP LIKE ALL OF THE TIME AND NO ONE THINKS ITS WEIRD. You can be a ninja turtle or the hulk or a nerd or a pirate. And its all good.
  2. It is the middle of fall, which means that the leaves are extra crunchy and extra pretty, in turn making me extra happy.
  3. Big, comfy sweaters are totally acceptable, which means that the wearer is comfortable all the time! so great ahh
  4. Hocus Pocus is on TV ALL THE TIME. I love the movie… it had gotten to a point that I would watch it on my laptop at work, at least once a week… in April… when it was warm. I just missed it so much!
  5. BOOTS ugh, I love boots. I want all of them. I’m crazy I know, but there are so many different kinds. AND they’re the best type of footwear, don’t you dare even disagree.
  6. You cannot pass a store without some kind of ghost, goblin or witch in the window – gotta love the dedicated decorator!
  7. Pumpkins everywhere. They are the cutest little things, you cant not love them, all orange with their adorable little stems. Some even have faces, how do people not think that is the coolest thing ever!?
  8. Pumpkin flavored everything. I was gonna make this part of #7 but it deserves its own number. I mean, think about it. Pumpkin spice coffee, pumpkin pie, pumpkin cookies, and cupcakes, and candies and oh my lanta.
  9. Scarves- GAHH I love comfy scarves that I can wrap my neck/head in and just sit and be happy. And the best part is that most scarves are super pretty. *killin two birds with one fashionable stone*
  10. Halloween Oreos- I love Oreos. They are my favorite kind of cookie, they also come in an assortment of awesome flavors, and around Halloween they are made with orange cream and have cool pumpkins on the outside. Its just a great thing.
  11. Its getting chilly, which can only mean one thing- Down Comfortersssssssss. Nothing beats the comfy-ness of a giant comforter, a giant mug of tea and your favorite book. Nothing.
  12. Fireplaces- We have a fireplace in my living room. Its giant and the outside is painted white. My mom hates it because its wood burning, which means it gets soot everywhere. But it is the most wonderful thing on a Saturday night to sit next too while watching a movie with the family.

So, in conclusion, October is the best month of the year, and if you don’t believe me yet, here is a gif of a dancing pumpkin spice latte.