Tomorrow morning at 6am I will be stepping on an airplane headed toward Disney World. My head is a whirlwind of emotions; I haven’t eating anything but sunflower seeds and Pringles and I still haven’t packed! This trip will give me a heart attack! I plan on packing tonight after work, not going to sleep, going to eat with my friend, Nick, and then waiting until 4am when our friend Joe will be driving us to the airport.

As exciting as all of this is, I need something to calm myself. Since today is kind of a slow day at the office, I’ve decided to post a little re-gram action.

Here are a few of the pictures I posted in the last couple of weeks.


The first picture, on the top left is the Shake Shack in Madison Square Park. I had it for the first time last Friday and it was definitely worth the ridiculously long line.

Top right is a brownstone I passed on my way to work two weeks ago. Its so perfect, I want to live there!

Middle left: Nespresso’s showcase in Grand Central last week. Free espresso!!!

Middle right; Two Friday’s ago I went to a show called Unicorn Meat: Illuminate 2013. It was crazy cool, a bunch of DJs did their thing on stage while people went crazy in the audience, there was a garden of flower lights, which was gorgeous, and a sea of glow in the dark hammocks. Definitely a night I’ll remember.

Bottom Left: Saturday, before driving me home, my friend stopped at a deli for a bagel. I thought their neon signs were pretty cool.

Bottom right: the love of my life; my type writer, which sits on my desk, unused, because I’m a bad parent 😦 I need a little down time to play!


But those were my favorites from the last two weeks. IG Central over here