The Eternal Quest for the Best Iced Coffee

tumblr_nhx6p0iojm1qctwjno1_1280It is not a secret that my life is a constant mess… I mean, the title of my blog is “God Bless this Hot Mess;” I own up to it. And just wait, this post is promising to be a giant mess. But contrary to what my mother thinks, I really am trying to get all my ducks in a row so that I can eventually be a full functioning adult who just happens to live/work in a place everyone wants to live/work in.

Working in NYC is a blessing and a curse.

During the summer its amazing; there are weird people walking around with crazy outfits, there are festivals on every other block, every coffee shop brags about their iced coffees and iced lattes, the guys in the food carts are happy to hand over an iced coffee as long as you’re willing to cough up at least $2.50, and there are so many markets set up that one can go broke by walking more than 4 blocks in any one direction.

During the winter its way too cold; people are still here but this time they’re bundled up and hobbling around, which is always fun to watch. There are so many warm bars to park yourself in, coffee shops boast about their lattes and macchiatos, the guys in the coffee carts give you dirty looks when you ask if they’ll make an iced coffee, and restaurants go hard with winter comfort food.

However, its a giant pain in the ass for me to get here. This is completely irrelevant to what I wanted to say in this post but I’ll explain. Living in Staten Island is nice because its separated from the craziness by water. SI can boast being one of the five boroughs without worrying about terrorist attacks or having to get too involved in the New York City Marathon (its pure chaos, don’t get mad at us man, if it doesn’t involve pizza or coffee I want nothing to do with it.) But to get from the south shore of “the forgotten borough” to the city takes me at least an hour and a half… on a good day.

The MTA has done a pretty good job of making borough-hopping convenient. Sure, they have their off days (read: most days they suck majorly) but taking an express bus from the corner of my block to 34th and 7th is pretty damn easy. Except for the fact that I get on the bus at 7am to get to Manhattan by 9 for work. That is annoying. But that’s why they invented coffee! which brings me to the point of this post…


Let me be realistic for a second. I am in a entry level position at a company that filed for bankruptcy a few years back- while I am getting paid more than a few of my friends, my pay check still isn’t anything to brag about. Thankfully, living at home makes saving money a little easier. (what I’m saving all this money for, I don’t know, but I guess when I know, y’all will know, ya know?)

While living at home does help with saving money, my shopping and coffee addictions does not.

There is a Dunkin Donuts 3 doors down from the building I work in. There is also a Starbucks on either end of my block, a McDonald’s up the block (they have magical coffee, trust) and a independent coffee shop called Gregory’s coffee at the end of the block. That means I can’t get to work without passing coffee. That means I spend at least $2.50 on coffee a day. That’s at least $12 a week. THAT’S LIKE $250 A FRIKIN MONTH MAN. DO YOU KNOW WHAT I CAN BUY WITH $250 A MONTH? If I were to make my own coffee, I could be saving somewhere near 3k a year. I could buy myself a brand new Chanel bag with that much money people. And while I obviously love coffee, I’m at that age where I think I love Chanel more. (probably not, but let’s pretend for the sake of the argument of saving.)

So here is my self-assigned challenge. I will be making my own coffee for a month to see if I can actually stick with it and to see how much I can save. I will be starting on Sunday, 1/18. This week I will be researching iced coffee recipes. I don’t drink hot coffee because, for some strange reason, most hot coffee tastes terrible to me. Once it’s iced, the taste completely changes and it becomes magic. I like magic. But, again, I digress. This week, during downtime at work, I will be searching for the perfect iced coffee recipe, because iced coffee is way more than just making it hot and pouring it over ice (which is absolutely gross by the way. Don’t do it.) By Friday, my plan is to have picked a coffee program that fits my life style and tastes (aka it’ll be quick and easy so I don’t have too much to do because I’m lazy) and on Sunday I will make enough for the week. I’ll blog through the week to keep you updated on my quest.

Wish me luck. Me and my stomach are going to need it.

Today I mourned the end of summer and the passing of the 3 day weekend. I also celebrated my parents 24th wedding anniversary. The good and the bad came together in a black and white ensemble that felt more boho chic than my usual classy grunge which I can learn to live with but not repeat too often, in the fear of wearing it out.

Also, I’m extremely dramatic because I’m extremely tired.

Welcome to my life: