Greece Day Tria

Today was our second full day but our third night in Greece. I guess I started counting weird, why stop now?

Today was spent by the pool, of course. It started with mini croissants in the morning and ended with a frappĂ© after dinner and if that’s not the most perfect way to start and end your day, I don’t know what is. Right now, I’m sitting on the balcony of my room with my sister staring out at the ocean, listening to a random appartment’s music from another hill. This is how I picture heaven.

We went back into Mykonos town tonight to see the windmills, but we missed the sunset. Instead we had dinner at a restaurant called Familia. The food was great but their coffee and dessert was awesome. When we finally got to the windmills we took a picture or two and decided to head back for the bus to take us back to our hotel. Tonight I plan on getting to bed before 2:45am because I’m not as young as I used to be and I need to sleep more than I currently am. 23 and 3/4 is old apparently. 

Tonight I got 3 pictures to load. I think we’re making progress.

Kalinikta everyone.