I think I’m lost

Since starting a new job four weeks ago, a lot of my free time (not that I have much) has been spent panicking over my future. 

  • What will I do? 
  • Where do I go from here? 
  • How will I support myself as an adult? 
  • Do I really want to continue on this road?
  • Where does this road even lead?
  • Was this a mistake?
  • Why did I leave my old job?
  • Am I smart enough to be here?
  • Do I even know what I’m doing??

At any given moment, these and countless other extremely frightening  questions can be found swimming through my head, drowning any thought of happiness  or contentment. My brain swells with thoughts that threaten to keep me awake at night, staring into the dark abyss, uncomfortably aware that I might never make anything of myself. Of course I can’t begin getting comfortable at this new place. Everything is wrong. I’m not smart enough to be here. I’m not smart enough to be anywhere! I’m useless and talentless. There is nothing more disheartening then realizing that you are mediocre, that you possess no unique talents, and that there are plenty of other people who can do exactly what you do, only way fucking better. 

So then, the question becomes how does one make it through this unscathed? Or at least in one piece… Can I get better? I can take classes. I can go back to school. But do I really way to spend all my money for a masters degree in something I probably won’t like in 3 years? Could I even make it through the program? How much does a master degree cost? Would I be able to budget my time accordingly? I can’t commit to this… What if I don’t like it and don’t want to do it after a few days? Do universities offer refunds? This is way too much for me. 

My mind feels like a WWE wrestling match. Right now, any form of delight I might have had over now working in Soho, or living at my summer house, or even the God damn weather, is getting beaten to a pulp with a folding chair in the corner of the ring, with its head lolling lower and lower and it’s nose bleeding profusely. I can’t tell if I’m frustrated about not having a general direction to run in, or if I’m completely terrified of it.

Having a goal would help tremendously. But as you can see, I’m goal-less. The way I see it, I’m basically spitting in the wind, hoping it won’t come back and hit me in the face. But I know it will. Your career doesn’t seem like the kind of thing you want to follow the current with, if that makes sense. This is not a “go with the flow” kind of situation. I can’t just see where the stream takes me. Unless I’m wrong. And while it is highly probable that I am wrong, I’m still pretty damn screwed, possibly more then originally anticipated. Because if your career is something that you want to lift your feet for and follow the current, I might not be able to relinquish control long enough to. I like to pretend that I’m spontaneous and adventurous, but if I’m being serious here, the most spontaneous thing I’ve done all week was stop to get gas this morning on my way to work when my gas light when on earlier than anticipated.

So what do I do?

Do I spend the money, go back to school and hate the masters I’m only a quarter of the way through with? 

Do I try and stick with the current plan and work to be an advertising sales representative, even though I know full well that I’d be the worst salesperson in the whole universe? Or do I just quit, steal a cardboard box and sleep on the beach in Breezy Point for the rest of my life?

I have no fucking clue. Maybe I need a life coach.


Oreos, pizza, and potentially losing your job at 24

My company is going through some changes. Not like, hot flashes or needing viagra, but like extremely well know CEOs getting fired “effective immediately” and managers on the edge of their seats because they’ll be next. It’s not even like its a private affair; as a public company all of it’s dirty launch is completely out in the open. That being said, in the last two weeks, I have found out more about the hirings and firings my company has been up to from newspapers than I have from my boss. I guess once it’s in the paper there’s no hiding it from the lowly peons anymore. But what’s a girl to do?lToday, a coworker silently sent me an IM with a Capital New York article (a website of which I had never heard of before today. Probably not a good sign.) The article basically said that the CEO that was hired last Tuesday (surprise!) will most likely be flushing out all of the people the old CEO (who was fired effective immediately) hired when he started here less than a year ago.

Last year at this time a very similar situation was happening and my old manager and her boss were given the boot, as were most of the higher-ups in the company across the country. If this is going to be an annual thing, I don’t think I can handle the stress.

The difference between last year and this year is that this time around the new CEO may be looking to close down my office all together. According to the article I was shown today, the new guy is looking to consolidate all of the advertising people into the two offices on the other side of the country. I believe the words were that he wants to “concentrate management in Tribune’s two flagship cities.” Now that could mean nothing, it could mean that CRO’s and VP’s will move to other cities. But it could also mean that my VP, who is my manager and the leader of the sales team here in New York, may be on his way out.

So, here I am, on the bus home after a conference call with the CRO (who was also “let go effective immediately”) not sure where I’m supposed to go from here.

It would be easy at this point to want to abandon ship, get out while I still can; but in all honesty, I’ve been browsing job sites since I started working here out of college. The problem is that I may not know where I’m supposed to go, but I don’t even know where I want to go. And therein lies the difficulty of being a 24 year old with barely enough experience to keep your current job which you potentially may be about to lose.

More snow for NYC

Today I decided to work from home by telling my boss that there was a good chance that if I tried to come into work today I’d be stuck on a bus for days. 

NYC is currently being blanketed with new snow, just when all of the old snow was finally almost gone. In all honesty, I say I hate snow but I only really hate how inconvenient it makes things, like getting to work, or trying to buy eggs like a normal person. So I’m home. Sitting in my bed with my laptop on my lap, getting very few emails and listening to the news about the crane falling in TriBeCa. 

Enjoy your snow day friends.

Aw Hea It goes


Today is Tuesday. Tuesday’s suck. And since I’m not home in a penguin onesie eating pumpkin pie and reading Harry Potter, it already sucks. But besides that…

I try to apply to a few new jobs a week. Not because I’m desperate for a new job but because I’m curious to see what’s out there and someone once told me to never get too comfortable in the same job. But lately I’ve been getting lazy with job applications. I’ve been applying to basically anything in a different field to see if I even have enough experience to hop over. Yesterday I applied to a marketing position in New Jersey. I’ve applied to Jersey jobs before because I figured it would be easier for me to get to New Jersey from my house than it is for me to get from Staten Island to Manhattan via MTA express bus. It’s not the first NJ job I’ve applied to and I’m sure it wont be the last.

But it is the first to call me back.

And here we go. I actually love interviewing. I never minded the one-on-one or one-on-a-million set up because I enjoy talking to people. I always tell my mom that if I could go meet people instead of applying through a website, I would do a lot better. So that’s not what I’m worried about. What I’m worried about is I have no idea what this company does. All I was able to figure out was that they have “Leadership Teams” that they need to fill (no experience necessary is in the job title, no joke) and that’s what I’m interviewing for. What the bloody hell is a leadership team and why wouldn’t a leader need experience???? I’m terrified.

Don’t get me wrong, working in New Jersey would be a breeeeeze compared to working in Manhattan and my commute would be cut in half. But I don’t know anything about this little baby NJ company that has a kid who looks to be about my age as their president.

I’m hoping tomorrow goes well. Ok I take that back. I’m awkwardly praying tomorrow goes well. And that I don’t get lost on the way there.

But I did calm myself down by buying a new shirt for my interview suit. Hopefully that’s enough to help me keep my cool.

Wish me luck my friends. I’m going to need it!

Took long enough

Today I finally received word that I will officially be given a promotion, and an announcement will be made on Monday. This is my first promotion… Like ever. Since I started working at this newspaper corporation’s ad department in July of 2013, I have shaken hands and kissed babies, stayed late, arrived early, and worked my butt off in the hopes that I would one day be able to climb my way up the corporate ladder. I may not want to stay in newspaper advertising forever, but that doesn’t mean I shouldn’t try my hardest in order to accomplish as much as I possibly can while I’m still here. I recently read an article (ok it was a snapchat discovery article from Cosmo) that women don’t celebrate promotions enough, most deeming them not as worthy as baby showers or weddings. The article went on to say that while baby showers and weddings are fantastic and should be celebrated, they aren’t the only things that are worth celebrating. So I plan on celebrating my promotion.

I bought a bottle of rosé and will be having tortellini and rosé for dinner tonight because I can. My two sisters are coming home from college on Friday night so that we can drink champagne in our backyard to celebrate. When my parents finally get home from their two week gallivant around Italy Saturday night I will update them on my new title (and paycheck) and hopefully we can eat smuggled Italian goodies that came across the Atlantic wrapped in cellophane and hidden under clothing. 

Celebrating life’s little moments is a big deal. But celebrating life’s bigger moments is a great idea. So here’s to small moments and big moments and small cans of wine and bigger bottles of wine and lots and lots of tortellini.