Tutti i caffè di Starbucks

It is no surprise that when most people in the US think “coffee,” Starbucks is the first thing that pops into their heads.

According to Wikipedia (I know, great source Ang,) there are over 13 THOUSAND Starbucks in the United States alone. To help put that into perspective for you, I work in Midtown Manhattan, and there is a Starbucks at either end of my block… I am literally surrounded by Starbucks.

Ok now on to the important stuff… the coffee.

In light of coffee’s recent explosion to being the most important substance on the planet (lol jk coffee has been the most important thing on the planet since ever,) SB has been on a mission to hold their position as the most popular coffee “shop” in the US. To do that, they need to push down the competition. And in order to defeat all of the little baby coffee places, they keep coming up with new drinks. In strolls the Latte Macchiato.


January 5th was the first day that the Latte Macchiato was offered to SB lovers across the country. I will not lie, I have heard mixed reviews. My main issue was that the LM is very similar to my beloved Flat White, the Aussie favorite that was introduced to Starbucks goers in early 2015.

So, I took one for the team and tried it.  

Here is Starbucks‘ official distinction between the Flat White and the Latte Macchiato… In case you wanted to see it.

And now for my official distinction.

The LM is good. No doubt about it. It’s not like the most heavenly thing I’ve ever had but it’s definitely not bad. It tastes very similar to a cappuccino honestly, which is a little lame. I got mine with a little sweetener because I’m a baby and only like my iced coffee black. The thing is, I feel that the flat white is creamier, making it more appealing. I remember the first time I tried a flat white I told everyone I know to try it; I don’t feel that way with the latte macchiato. Also, like the FW, the Latte Macchiato is effing expensive. I just paid $4.50 for A SMALL. As a 24 year old person living in New York and ballin’ on a budget, four and a half dollars is a little too much when it comes to my morning cup o’ joe. So if I’m reviewing I’m thinking 5 outta 10 stars, mainly because it’s a fancier cappuccino that we probably didn’t need but it doesn’t suck. 

Here is my unedited Latte Macchiato  
So in conclusion, try it for yourself and give me your opinion. Coffee talk is better than all other kinds of talks.

Coffee discoveries 

I found a stumptown coffee near me. That’s all I needed to know. 

Their chocolate milk and cold brew was accurately described by the barista as crack in a box. It was a fantastic mid afternoon pick me up. 

Then me and two people I work with, the two of whom I actually consider friends, sat outside the coffee shop and stared at the building across the street because it reminded us of Paris. 

I’m going back tomorrow morning for breakfast and coffee. I’m so excited I don’t even wanna sleep.


Work was actually kind of cool today

Even though I stayed an hour later than I normally would, I enjoyed it because I got to be creative.

Every once in a while, I get into this slump and think, “maybe I can deal with a boring, computer-based desk job for the rest of my life. It’s not so bad. Plenty of people do it, ya know?” But then I do something fun or creative that’s not usually within my job description and I’m not like “NOPE. CANT DO IT. NEED A DAMN OUTLET PEOPLE.” 

Today I got to help one of the guys I work with think of branded content topics to write about for a proposal he was working on. The proposal was awesome, the website take overs and the ads that would be running would be so cool and so creative, but he still needed sponsored content topics for his proposal and asked for my help. He is one of the only account reps that values my opinion (probably because he was in my position less than 3 years ago) and I’ve always liked working with him. We’re office friends, so bouncing articles and ideas off each other was effortless and fun. After an hour, we had 5 article topics and a basic synopsis of what the article would entail, as well as an interactive portion that would be really fun if the client chooses to go with it.

But that’s not all.

Like I said, overall today was great. Not only did I get to be slightly creative, which is always exciting, but I also tried Starbucks’ new cold brew iced coffee and fell in love with it. 

I’m not usually a Starbucks girl but HOLY HELL are they doing their best to win me over.

A little while ago I tried their iced coffee with coconut milk. The first few times it tasted fantastic but sometimes it would taste weird and I stopped getting it. This morning I walked into Starbucks with the intention of trying it again because my friend and I had talked about it on the commute in. But then I saw the sign that said cold brew was the new thing so I figured it was a must try.

The woman who took my order suggested I get it with caramel when I told her I’ve never had the cold brew before and that was the beginning of what I can only assume will be a life long love affair. 

So basically, if you take anything out of this random blog post, let it be that Starbucks’ new cold brew is THE BOMB.

That is all.

This morning

I woke up, ate a pop tart, made coffee, realized my brother and I had nothing to bring to our respective Super Bowl parties later, panicked, ran to the grocery store in a giant flannel shirt and jeans, grabbed cookies and cupcakes, came home, remembered the coffee, and now I’m sitting at my kitchen table with lukewarm coffee and 3 boxes of dessert I’m not allowed to eat.

the cup says ‘Father’ even though he never uses it.