I have absolutely positively nothing to write about

I can’t tell if it’s writer’s block or a complete lack of inspiration.

My brain is useless at the moment. I do nothing but eat and work (not really but whatever.) My life is kind of boring. Even though I’m actually do things sometimes (this past weekend, my boyfriend and I and a few of our friends went upstate and rode ATVs and ate mac & cheese and frozen pizzas) I just have no desire to put pen to paper and relive it. I’ve been reading a bit and I feel like that should be making me what to write but honestly, it just makes me want to curl up in a ball under my bed and continue to read. Its terrible. I just finished rereading a series that I like so maybe I’ll write a review?

I need something to occupy my brain before it turns to mush and all I can do is babble about horses or something.tumblr_mb8b3m4eAP1qars9eo1_500.gif


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