D’s & V’s man

From what I’ve learned over the years, dealing with boys and men of different walks of life, is that most are comfortable with saying something crude in front of a woman. Most of the time they (the men I have come in contact with) think it’s cute when the woman is embarrassed and blushes.

However, if a woman says something along the same lines in front of said man/child, all of a sudden this kind of behavior is looked down upon. Now this boy/man is uncomfortable by what the woman has said, even if it is inherently similar to what he said before, the difference being that she is wrong for saying it because it is not appropriate.

Well, in all my years as a woman with a vagina and a brain, I have made it my mission to make people like this uncomfortable. And not because I find his child-like charm annoying as all hell, but because of the following reasons:

  1. I sometimes enjoy watching people squirm
  2. Penis size is a legit topic of conversation because it is important, no matter what he says about “knowing what to do with it,” which is another annoyed post in and of itself
  3. The clitorus actually exists and is not equivalent to unicorns 

All of that being said, wish me luck in my crusade to make it ok to talk about sex without making the boy/man next to me feel like jumping out the window.




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