This week’s installment of “Why I have No Money”

Welcome back to another exciting adventure into my almost empty bank account! I meant to post this at the end of last week, but as you know, Friday was a terrible day and I thought that would be tactless.

Instead, we waited until Monday. So without further adieu, here is a list of things that I bought this week with an accompanying diagram of the things.

  1. Express black heels with FEATHERS on the back.
  2. Express’s black sequined V-back mini dress for an engagement party I yesterday but returned because it was too much of a night party dress while the party was during the day.
  3. Express’s Lace Fringe Crop top and matching Skirt also for the engagement but ended up not working out. There’s a decent possibility I’m giving this to my mom, who apparent loves it
    • I also bought a cropped button up turtleneck sweater that I cant show you because the store doesn’t have a website? Here’s a slightly similar one that’s actually a lot cuter without the buttons. I literally only bought this one because it was $12. HOW CAN ONE TURN DOWN A WORK CLOTHING PIECE FOR TWELVE DOLLARS?
  4. Madewell’s Roundtrip turtleneck sweater in blush because I feel like that color was cuter than the navy. Plus I have an obscene amount of Navy sweaters (all of which were bought fairly recently) for someone who only really wears black.
  5. J Crew Factory’s Tissue Turtleneck that ManRepeller raves about. I got it in black because I figured it was boring and safe… like my life?
  6. J Crew Factory’s Printed Flannel Pajama Shirt that I had no real reason to buy other than the fact that it kinda looks like I could wear it to work on a more casual day, and I’m all about wearing pajamas to work.
  7. J Crew Factory’s Sateen Skinny Jean with Zippers because they were on clearance and I need pretty white jeans I think.
    • It also didn’t help that J Crew Factory was having a sale where everything was up to 40% off and clearance was 30% off AND there was free shipping for only one day (Wednesday.)
  8. Pocket Coffee. Ok there’s actually a story behind this one. My boyfriend and I went to Europe last year about this time. We each bought a Groupon for 3 days in Paris and 3 days in Rome. I have never had more espresso in my life then I had while we were in Paris. Nick loved it. He’s a coffee fiend and since he started dating me, espresso is his drug of choice. So when we were in a little bodega in Paris buying something dumb probably, he on a whim bought a pack of Pocket Coffee because he thought it was funny. Little did he know they were AWESOME. But then we came home and went back to crappy American coffee and both forgot about Pocket Coffee… until I saw this article tweeted out by Saveur’s twitter in May. As I read through the small piece by the freelance writer with an obsession for this little treat I knew I needed it again. But you cant get pocket coffee during the summer. I have NO idea what the heck the big deal is and why the supplier she mentioned didn’t ship it, probably a summer vacay. However, I cried about it and then got over it again. UNTIL MONDAY when I spotted an old candy from last year’s trip sitting in my desk drawer. So I was all about the Pocket Coffee and needed it immediately. Unfortunately, this pack wont be arriving until at least December… Enter the next two things I bought.
  9. Brazilian Coffee Candy which was bought because I was on a roll with the Pocket Coffee shenanigans.
  10. Bali’s Best Coffee and Tea Candies (6 flavor variety – duh) mainly because when I added the Brazilian coffee candy to my cart, Bali’s popped up and it would get to me in 2 days and it included tea flavors. And also because I have absolutely no self control.
  11. I finally decided on this perfect dress for the engagement party that I went to yesterday. I felt awesome, and I think that’s what dresses are supposed to do.
  12. Because I cut my hair fairly short recently, I’ve been straightening it a lot more. I’m afraid to see it natural. I know its terrible for my hair so I bought this hair mask to hopefully get my hair back on track.
  13. This was four dollars but it was coming with me whether it wanted to or not. I love masks.
  14. I took another bath this weekend. I plan on making it a weekly thing. So I bought this bath gel.
  15. Plus the matching bubble cubes. (I know I have a problem OK)
  16. I HAVE BEEN SEARCHING FOR THIS LIPSTICK FOR ALMOST A MONTH. NARS lipstick in Anna has been nonexistent in the Sephora by me… until last week.
  17. The woman who applied it for me applied it with this brush and suggested I get it because I can use it for everything… so that’s what I’m going to do.




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