I am currently sitting at my desk, drinking tea, and ignoring the massive pile of work that needs to get done next to me.  

Wasn’t joking. Please see the two massive piles of files that need to be sorted next to me. Also, new shirt, cute pattern right?

Even though its only Wednesday, I’ve already started a really nice list of reasons why I don’t have money again this week. Maybe I’ll make it a weekly installment. That could be dangerous. I also want to make it prettier. Any suggestions would be more than welcome. 2 years in and I still have no idea how to use wordpress!

But besides that.

Wednesdays are cool because there are no expectations, ya know?

Its not the beginning of the week. Its not the end of the week. You don’t need to be happy or sad. You just need to show up and get through the day without having a nervous breakdown that results in a trip to the hospital, (minor nervous breakdowns that result in massive wine consumption are totally cool though, I think. So Wednesdays are ok in my book.

Plus, my tea is pumpkin flavored… so all is well in the world… kinda.


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