I think I just won an Instagram Give-Away…

Winning things is not in my blood. I am not a lucky person when it comes to gambling or prizes. BUT today I found out that I finally won something!!

A few weeks ago, some fashion blogger that I follow (I don’t even remember who because there are a lot of them) posted a picture of her new Costella Handbag. Being a weird little bag snob that I am, I was immediately interested because I had never heard of Costella before. I stalked a bit and decided to follow their Instagram. As I decided that I would follow them, they posted a picture for a giveaway! I never win anything but I followed the rules anyway. The contest should have ended on 11/6 but they extended it until today.

And as I ate my salmon salad and stared out the second floor window of Speedy’s, I got an Instagram notification saying that I was chosen as the winner!!  Apparently I’m officially the new owner of a Karen Bag, which happens to be my favorite style of the Costella bags! I wonder which color I’ll get?

Stay tuned for a picture of my new baby!


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