This week in “Why I have no Money…”

Here is a round up of things I have spent an unnecessary amount of money on since Tuesday of this week…

Let’s start from the beginning.

Last night I went to a really awkward happy hour networking event. Before I knew how uncomfortable I would be at this event, I decided I wanted to look casually professional but not like I was trying too hard, so I wanted a cool blazer outfit. This week has been a whirlwind of excitement (read work-related stress,) so getting out for lunch was annoyingly difficult. But on Tuesday I was able to stroll on over to H&M on 34th street between 5th and 6th with one of the girls I work with and check out their “I’m a grown up and work for a living” section, which, as you could probably guess on your own, is pretty depressing. On the outskirts of this section (which I find myself entering more and more these days,) I saw a white sleeveless blazer. What the hell I was thinking is so far beyond me. I decided I needed this white blazer vest concoction. On the way up to the register with my new blazer in tow I saw a little baby high neck sleeveless shirt (which I think I own already) and decided “yes, this is what I will wear underneath this sleeveless blazer and everyone will think I’m cool.”

$75 later I walk out of H&M and back to my office giddy as a school girl. Upon arriving home to my loving mother who (thankfully) knows how to dress and what I should and should not wear, I try on my new outfit to show her. One look at her face made me run back to the mirror immediately. My mom does this thing with her face when she doesn’t like something. She doesn’t mean to. But her face kinda takes on this look of “no, this will not work out so how can I fix it?” That face snapped me back to reality. I did not keep that outfit. I definitely looked ridiculous in that vest thing and should not be allowed near stuff like that again.

It was downhill from there.

Wednesday I ran back to H&M hoping to return the vest and shirt and look for something new. But then I remembered this depressing little section hadn’t worked for me yesterday and I was probably crazy to think it would work today. So I returned the vest and moved on down the block away from Herald Square, where I came across a Zara. Thank the fashion gods for Zara.

It took me 20 minutes to decide that this was the blazer I needed.

blazerNow that I finally had a normal blazer with cool sleeves that covered my butt, I figured it was time for a flounce back to work. Except I had to walk passed Lush to get there, which never ends well.

Another 10 minutes in Lush and I was a slave to bath products. After coming to the “realization” that I was over work and desperately needed to relax in a bubble bath basically all weekend long, I decided on the following:

maskI just want to clarify that I needed none of these but NEEDED all of them… if you catch my drift. So that was how I became an owner of a face mask named after a berry and 3 different shaped blocks of glorified flour. Also, I have yet to use any of these bath thingies yet. BUT TOMORROW ITS GOIN’ DOWN… maybe.

Yesterday was the extremely awkward, yet slightly enlightening networking happy hour where no one was actually employed except myself and the friend I went with. We left fairly quickly after realizing everyone there but us was a ‘”freelance” something or other and that WE were the ones that were supposed to get other people a job. We can barely get ourselves jobs!! So that was a bust, but at least I have a nice blazer now.

Today I got a free lunch so I decided to upset the money I saved by buying a new lipstick that I’ve been eyeing… plus three others and a Christmas present for my sister.


And of course, I ended up buying clothes, because I have no will power or self control.

I love the look of leather. Its cool and stylish and when its vegan faux leather its just that much cooler. Dresses in the leather look always catch my attention, which is why I am now the proud owner of the  Harmonious Hostess Dress from ModCloth. I’m hoping to have everything delivered in the next two weeks because the suspense is already killing me.

Even talking about it makes me sad because the lipsticks and dress aren’t here yet. But soon they will be and I will be happy for about 2 seconds.

But those two seconds will be GLORIOUS.

Thank goodness for shopping.


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