Guys, I tried Blogilates

My body dislikes me for it today.

In the last two-ish weeks, I realized that I’ve gained a few pounds in undesirable areas. Instead of eating healthier (LOL) I decided to try and move a little to get myself going. Let me make this perfectly clear. I do not like exercising. I do not enjoy a “runner’s high.” I become more and more miserable the longer I am in work out gear and nothing makes me happier than sitting, doing nothing. That being said, I love eating more than I hate exercising. And that is where my issue lies. But I figured, if I didn’t want to end up at 400 pounds and needing a crane to get out of my bed, I was going to have to do something. In chirps a tweet by The Coveteur about sculpting your abs while lying down. Obviously that was going to catch my attention, so I clicked through to the article.

It was down hill from there. 3 hours later I had created a spreadsheet dictating which workouts I would do for the next month. I had gone through all of the Cov’s work out articles and copied and pasted their instructions and pictures into a giant 7 tab spreadsheet. I was ready to get the ball rolling. All that was left was to get home and begin my road to health!

And then I got home.

And I ate dinner (pork chops with applesauce… and a lot of french fries.)

And I watched about 2 hours of NCIS.

And by the time I was looked uup again it was almost 10pm.

WELL there goes that idea!

After folding some clothes I sat on the floor in my room and tried to figure out where I had gone wrong. Usually I was showered and preparing for bed at this time. How was I supposed to start my cool new cardio/abs work out now? Most of me was thinking “oh well, we can try again tomorrow” even though I knew I had dinner plans and would not, in fact, be “trying again tomorrow.” So instead, I went into my basement, got a weird squishy blue mat, took it up to my room, and decided to at least try the ab work outs.

Side Note: those ab work outs on that article with Natalie Uhling are actually super difficult. I couldn’t even keep my balance. I felt very dumb.

After going through every one of the ab work outs that I had put in my spreadsheet and not being able to do any, I felt really crappy. I was defeated before I had barely started. But, as I lay on my bedroom floor staring at my phone, I remembered the Blogilates app. About two weeks ago, when I noticed the chub that should not have been there I downloaded Cassey Ho’s free app, but had never actually opened it. While laying there I decided now would be the perfect time to see what the app actually is. I highly suggest actually opening the app. Cassey is super bubbly and happy and awesome and you will want to open that app, people.

The homepage has five options at the bottom.

The first looks like a timer, it is your Tools section. There are workout calendars and a workout timer. Unfortunately, all of the calendars are In-App purchases. At seeing that I decided to continue my peruse of the app.

The next is the Videos tab. Here you have a bunch of Cassey’s Youtube videos. There are also options on where you want to focus that shows you a bunch of the videos that focus on that area. This was where I stopped. I decided that I would stick to the plan and try to work on my abs. The first video in the queue was labeled “Intense Ab Mania Workout,” and I knew without a doubt that this particular video would kill me, so I continued down to the “3 Minute Turbo Abs Workout.” 3 minutes can’t be that bad right?


The pillow that I needed, the mat that I used, and I were all pretty unhappy about the whole thing. At that point I decided that I needed to begin at the beginning. At the bottom of her Workout Series tab in the Videos section there is a Beginners option. To be safe and stick with my ab theme, I chose the 13 minute POP Pilates for Beginners: Ab Time!

For the next thirteen minutes and eleven seconds, I planked, lifted, and crunched my way to firmer abs. Good news is it was not terrible!

Now I have a plan.

On my way to being slightly more fit than I am currently, I have decided to start watching and completing Blogilates videos. I have a really good feeling about this guys. This is stuff I can actually do! And I will be doing it. Tonight, I’m going to try another area, maybe arms. I haven’t decided yet. I also plan on checking out her meal plan options. Someone telling me what to eat is usually easier than me having to hunt at lunch time while I’m hangry.

So that’s the story about the time I tried blogilates.

And you can too my friends. It’s gonna be good. So check out the video below. This was the first vid I used last night. I hope you like it!


Good luck friends!



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