Took long enough

Today I finally received word that I will officially be given a promotion, and an announcement will be made on Monday. This is my first promotion… Like ever. Since I started working at this newspaper corporation’s ad department in July of 2013, I have shaken hands and kissed babies, stayed late, arrived early, and worked my butt off in the hopes that I would one day be able to climb my way up the corporate ladder. I may not want to stay in newspaper advertising forever, but that doesn’t mean I shouldn’t try my hardest in order to accomplish as much as I possibly can while I’m still here. I recently read an article (ok it was a snapchat discovery article from Cosmo) that women don’t celebrate promotions enough, most deeming them not as worthy as baby showers or weddings. The article went on to say that while baby showers and weddings are fantastic and should be celebrated, they aren’t the only things that are worth celebrating. So I plan on celebrating my promotion.

I bought a bottle of rosé and will be having tortellini and rosé for dinner tonight because I can. My two sisters are coming home from college on Friday night so that we can drink champagne in our backyard to celebrate. When my parents finally get home from their two week gallivant around Italy Saturday night I will update them on my new title (and paycheck) and hopefully we can eat smuggled Italian goodies that came across the Atlantic wrapped in cellophane and hidden under clothing. 

Celebrating life’s little moments is a big deal. But celebrating life’s bigger moments is a great idea. So here’s to small moments and big moments and small cans of wine and bigger bottles of wine and lots and lots of tortellini.



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