Happy Tuesday that’s basically a Monday

The first day of work after Labor Day weekend is always the worst… or so I’m assuming. This is only my second one.

So in order to combat my sadness at not being home watching 10 hours of NCIS like I did yesterday, I am eating broccoli and twizzlers (not at the same time obviously,) drinking rose green tea from Teas’ Tea (which sounds better than it tastes, even though its not that bad – also my rose obsession got the best of me,) and searching for vintage lux scores online and avoiding all responsibilities.

I also accidentally/maliciously ate all of the kitkats that were in the candy bowl in my office. But I regret nothing.

Ok enough of that. Back to vintage.

I like vintage shopping. I’m a huge fan of having a bag or earrings or a statement piece that no one else has. I like the style before the style, if you catch my drift. I’m not great with fashion. I just like what I like. I don’t really wear loud colors or patterns very often. I’m more into monochrome and minimal. I feel like when it comes to vintage shopping, you really can’t go wrong. Sure it might be pre-used, but that only means pre-loved, man! The first Chanel I ever bought myself was pre-owned. Nothing wrong with a little bit of worn in love.

So here I go, checking on What Goes Around, Vestiarie Collective, and others to find the perfect (and least expensive… because I’m trying to save in order to survive) piece to keep forever. I see these as an investment. I may not want children but I know my siblings will have them and I can’t wait to share all my cool stuff with them. My plan is to eventually be the vodka drunk aunt with the killer shoes and rockin’ bod.

Wish me luck…


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