Day: September 3, 2015


It’s approximately 10:56pm.

I am currently packing a weekend bag for my trip to Breezy Point tomorrow by taking out, and then putting back in, all the things that were still in the bag from the last weekend trip I took to Breezy Point. I am exhausted because I’ve been doing double the work at my job for the last two weeks since the girl in the position above me quit and I haven’t gotten home at a normal time this whole week. Friday will be my last summer Friday for the summer and hopefully it doesn’t suck. I also went shopping today after work to take my mind off things and bought a very comfy Marsala colored sweater for fall. Tomorrow morning I plan on finding out if Dunkin Donuts has started serving pumpkin coffee again and drinking at least 2 pumpkin iced coffees if they are. Pray I make it through tomorrow without crashing and burning guys. Also, it would be cool if McDonald’s could deliver a 20 piece chicken mcnugget to my house. I would like that.

Enjoy life everyone. Eat the ice cream. Buy the thing. Be happy. Just love life.