Summer Sunday Nights

Every Sunday night during the summer everyone else sits in traffic going home from the Jersey Shore through Staten Island.

I would like to take this time to thank my maternal grandparents for buying a summer home in Breezy Point and leading my family there instead of New Jersey because now I come the opposite way of traffic when I want to go to and from the beach. 

But I digress.

This weekend was truly lovely.

Friday night my company held a “Beer Friday” for an agency we work with. I was given the opportunity to plan it. The company chose a bar not far from our office called the Keg Room, which I would highly suggest to anyone looking for a cool, low key pub in midtown. The food was awesome and the service was impeccable. Nick came with me, and after drinking an unnecessary number of vodka & gingerales, I finally got to treat Nick to his birthday dinner (a few weeks late) across the street at Keens steakhouse, where we ate an impressive amount of steak.

  This is my work mom Evelyn. She takes care of me when I wanna move to the mountains and never talk to humans again

   This was Nick’s steak. We do not mess around when it comes to food.

After dinner (while suffering from the meat sweats) Nick and I took the train to Breezy. 

Saturday started with everyone eating too much breakfast and then sprawling out on the beach. Dinner was a giant bowl of linguini and seafood at Kennedy’s, which almost made me cry tears of joy. See picture below for reference.

Sunday was also spent on the beach, but then it rained. Still, a day on the beach is a day on the beach. 

 Serious thank you (from a serious face) for my family not wanting to spend their summers in New Jersey.

Happy Sunday everyone.

PS – I started the second book in a trilogy called Angelology by Danielle Trussoni because I liked the first even though it got bad reviews by almost everyone. Any books that deals heavily in history will catch my interest apparently. Cheers to a new book amici!


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