Greece Day Octo

Tonight is our last night in Greece. We have to be up at 4:30am so we came back early to pack.

Today was pretty relaxing. We stayed by the pool drinking iced cappuccinos here (it was heaven) until our bus came to take us to Oia.   

  Oia is the town that comes up when you google search Santorini; the town with the  white houses and blue done roofs. Apparently those white buildings are actually churches, and I saw one the entire time I was there. My entire family dressed in white and climbed to a random high point on the island to watch he sunset but it was a little anticlimactic. Plus, we got stuck in foot traffic as hundreds of people poured down the side of the island after the sunset so Oia definitely wasn’t my favorite part of the island. I did chicken souvlaki for both lunch and dinner so that was a high point of the day!

I think I’ll be able to better reflect on my trip once I’m well rested and well hydrated (bottled water in Europe tastes a little funny) but it was definitely a success. I wish I was able to upload more pictures but once I’m in my own country and AT&T is back in the upper left hand side of my phone screen I will definitely be putting pictures everywhere. 

But until then, kalinikta my friends 

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