Day: July 30, 2015

Greece Day Exi

Hello everyone and welcome to day 6 of my Grecian adventure. 

Before we got to Greece, we were told that Mykonos was the party island and Santorini is the island you go to in order to relax. Well, that’s not how this vacation turned out. 

Because our hotel on Mykonos was in the village of Elia, which was about a 15 minute bus ride from Mykonos town, we weren’t really given much time to party. In Mykonos, the fun doesn’t start until after midnight but the shuttle back to our hotel stopped running at 12:30am. Our 3 full days in Mykonos were mostly spent lounging by the pool and our nights were spent looking for legitimate Greek food and some non-frozen “shrimps,” which is the only shrimp offered on any menu I saw on the island. I just wanted some fresh sea food people!!

Now that we’ve arrived in Santorini and are only a 10 minute walk to the town of Fira, we haven’t been able to stop.

Yesterday, after our ferry trip from Mykonos to Santorini, we spent a few hours at the pool, then trekked up the hill to see the sunset from Fira. We walked around the town for hours, saw the donkeys bringing people up to their hotels, and finally got some real Greek food at a restaurant called Niki. The view was spectacular and one of the restaurants around it kept playing crazy covers of Beatles songs so it was a good time. 

Today we took a giant catamaran from the north of Santorini to a port on the south end. It was beautiful and delicious. The crew stopped the boat three times so that we could jump off and then cooked us a seven course meal that was amazing. My parents made friends with a couple from Norway who might be visiting us in New York sometime next winter. They were so blonde and their kids were adorable.

We finally got back to the hotel at 9:30, after watching a crazy Grecian sunset. My siblings and I ordered ice cream via room service (first time ever and it was GREAT) and now I’m ready to pass out. We were planning on checking out some of the bars and clubs in Fira but none of us are partiers at night and would rather catch a few extra hours of sleep. We have a pretty big day tomorrow, but I’ll tell you how it goes tomorrow night!

Kalinikta friends! Good night from Santorini 

Here are some out of order pictures from our sunset cruise!

Making tzatziki

 My lovely parents celebrating 25 years married 

 Sunset off the back of the boat
  Here I am jumping off the side of the boat with a noodle because sometimes I’m a baby


With more wifi comes more pictures!