Day: July 25, 2015

Greece Proti Mera

Kalispera and welcome to my Greece trip day one, or Day Ena. It’s about 1:45am here as I start this so that’s as much Greek as this post is gonna get. My pronunciation can definitely use some work and I feel safer writing in Greek than speaking it. A little recap of the last few hours. 

We took off from JFK International airport at about 8pm Friday August 24th. We landed in Athens, Greece at about 11:30am on August 25th. After a short layover (during which everyone napped at the gate) and a 30ish minute flight from Athens to Mykonos, we arrived at one of the most beautiful hotels I’ve ever been to. 

We were given Greek lemonade, which is sparkling deliciousness, and sat out on a patio overlooking the ocean and the hotel’s 3 incredible pools while my parents checked in. Once checked in and situated in our rooms, we went back down to the pools and sprawled out on the bed like lounge chairs they have. My dad wants to take one home (he’s said it multiple times now and I don’t think he’s kidding.)

We had dinner in the hotel at 10, and finished about an hour ago. I had shrimp risotto that I probably should have documented photographically but I was too busy scarfing it down. 

For dessert, the waiter described what they had and we chose from those descriptions. He mentioned some Greek teas and he described one that he loved so I ordered that one. I misunderstood. He said cheese. I returned to my room about an hour ago with a giant plate of goat cheese and could not be happier.

Hello breakfast!

I wanted to show some pictures of the beauty of Greece and the craziness of my family but the wifi is pretty weak in my room and won’t let me, I’ll try again tomorrow.

Until tomorrow (and better wifi,) kalinikta fĂ­lous, good night friends!