Bloggers… They’re everywhere. Don’t even try to pretend they aren’t. There has to be millions of people around the world with blogs. And obviously, I’m one of them.

I have always been so impressed by professional bloggers. The “blogosphere,” if you will, is massive, and there are so many amazing men and women who stand out tremendously and who’s life’s work is reflected in a blog. It’s pretty badass if you think about it.

I blog, yes, but I don’t know if I consider myself a “blogger.” I’m more of just a millennial with a blog. (PS I hate that word, “millennial,” its so lame.) But that’s what I am. There are a crap ton of us out there, just tip-typing away about lame stuff that occupies our minds, in a place that allows us to say whatever we want in order to make our lives sound more exciting then it actually is. I don’t want to lie to ya, blogging is cool as hell. But not everyone lives a crazy adventurous life. I’m definitely exhibit A. But blogs really allow the writer to think and do whatever they want. Talk about freedom of speech, man. Like I said, cool as hell.

So why do we write? 

I write here because my current occupation allows me little to no creativity whatsoever. I mean, granted, I’m not an overly creative person to begin with, but sometimes I like to complain, talk about food/coffee/clothes, share videos, and show my cool new acquisitions from very dangerous shopping excursions, and that’s where IC&GW comes in.

My dream/goal for this site is to freshen it up a lot and create a cool logo. But I’m not even sure how that’s supposed to happen. I need to learn to prioritize things outside of work better.

I just want this blog to be fun and exciting. I want people to click onto it and be like “WOW THIS IS WHERE I WANNA BE.” But I have no idea how to do that. I’m assuming that more posts would be a decent start, but I have issues with what I want to write about. I have weird opinions about everything under the sun, so talking about all of them would take a while. And probably bore everyone to death. No dying allowed on Iced Coffee and Gummy Worms. I will not allow it!

So I sit. And I wait. And I eat Chips Ahoy cookies and think. 

Wish me luck peepz. We’re going to get the party started!



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