Things that I want on this strange spitty rain kind of day

I’m usually totally ok with rainy days. They very rarely bother me since I have a desk job and don’t need to actually be out in the rain. But today I am still stuck in my rut and I have decided on multiple things that I need in order to be normal… I think. So as I stand in the weird spitty rain (which is terrible for my hair) waiting for my bus, eating what I thought were fried Mac and cheese bites but now know are some sort of weird fried creamed corn thing, here is my current list:

  • Actual fried Mac and cheese bites
  • Mr. Tequila – literally the best Mexican this side of the boarder
  • S’mores Oreos (yes they are a real thing, and yes I need to try them)
  • This shirt heart eyes emoji everywhere
  • A bus to come already
  • My sweatpants 
  • A pretty personalized day planner
  • Father’s Day present inspo
  • Man repeller everything (current obsession)
  • Probably a water proof phone.

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