My weekend

I forgot to tell you about my weekend, which was actually jam packed. I need at least one day over the weekend to chill out and recuperate and that did not happen this weekend. Cool thing was that I was with Nick Friday, Saturday and Sunday, and I’m not sure if that’s ever actually happened before. It was awesome. 

 Friday night we went shopping for him because his spring wardrobe consists of a sweater he bought before we went to Europe and 3 shirts that look almost identical; it’s safe to say he has a “type” when it comes to clothing. He’s actually kind of picky even though he doesn’t really care about fashion or clothing. Let me just say Friday night was spent in a dressing room surrounding by a lot of clothes and even more complaints. After buying a crazy amount of shirts and a pair of shorts with sail boats on them, we got Chinese food, went back to his house, and watched the Never Ending Story. You can tell the person who wrote the screen play has probably done some drugs in his or her life, but I don’t judge. The movie was kinda cool, in a terrifying ’80’s special effects way. So that was our wild Friday night.

Saturday we went to Medieval Times. Medieval Times is a castle shaped place in New Jersey that is exactly what it sounds like. It describes itself as a place for:

  1. Jousting, horsemanship & falconry plus a 4-course, utensil-free meal served in a castle-like space.

Bro. That four course meal was tomato soup (which I’ve never really been a fan of,) half a chicken that I had to eat completely with my hands, a little corn on the cob and a little baked potato. I was not amused by the lack of utensils. Nor was I amused by the people that were there. But I held it in because it was my boyfriend’s sister’s best friends birthday, they gave me a blue raspberry slushie with rum in it, and because I had a crown on.  Queens need to save face always, can’t go around with a sourpuss. Gotta keep that shit together. So I was “fine.” 

But, after eating three bites of the chicken and giving the rest of my food to Nick, my crown came off and everything went to hell. 

The crowd is split into 6 sections, each one in support of a different colored knight during the tournament. We sat in the blue knights section. Our dude had long flowing locks and a blue cape with yellow fleur de lis on it. He was cool and I was sure he was going to win. Apparently I was wrong. The yellow knight ran him through and that was the end of that.   


After watching the blue knight die an agonizing “death,” Nick and I went to his friends house to watch the Mayweather Pacquiao fight, which I fell asleep during after eating a slice of pizza and my weight in chips and dip. It was a boring fight, not my fault.  

Sunday was spent in Redbank, NJ at an exotic car show. Everyone came home with weird sun tans. It was worth it.   

 And this was my weekend.


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