Selfie stick syndrome


It seems like everyone has started a “selfie sticks are lame” club and have banded together to actually agree on something for once in my lifetime. They think selfie sticks need to go.

But honestly, y’all don’t understand.

The first time I ever even saw a selfie stick was overseas (obviously.) It was the summer of 2008. The Italian National Soccer Team was in the World Cup and I was headed straight to the MotherLand.

The summer after my junior year of high school my mom packed up my siblings and me and squished us into an 8 hour Alitalia flight to Italy. We spent two and a half weeks there, visiting my mother’s sister, who lived in Rome with her husband and infant son, and my cousins, great aunts and uncles, and great-great aunts and uncles who all still live in the small town my family is from in southern Italy. While we were in Rome, my mom was the perfect tour guide, waking us up at 8am and leading a very tired group of children under the age of 16 (and adults, since my mom’s brother, his wife, and his toddler came with us) to every site worth seeing in La Citá Eterna! (read this in the Ungermeyer’s voice)

I believe it was day 2, as we frolicked around the Coliseum, my sisters and I saw an Asian tourist taking a picture of herself with the ruins. Now, I’m not talking about snapping a selfie with the front view camera on your iPhone 6+ here people; remember, this was 2008. This woman had her digital camera attached to a giant metal stick,  pointed at herself and was smiling into the sun… it was something people were gonna noticed. Finally, we got close enough to see what is now known around the world as “the selfie stick.” When I first saw it though, it was just kinda strange looking.

Now fast forward to the end 2014; my boyfriend and I are again frolicking through the same Citá, except this time around everyone has a selfie stick. I literally mean almost everyone I saw was carrying a giant metal stick around, from little kids to old people. It was like an epidemic. The men on the street were selling them for as little as 5€. But it was completely awesome. Do you realize how much background you can get into a picture with a selfie stick??? The entire world is your backwards oyster people! 

I’ve seen what people can accomplish with this thing, and because of it, I have seen the future. Ok, maybe not, but it is still a really amazing tool, allowing you to extend the reach of your photo by double or triple. I don’t see the selfie stick as a tool of narcissism, I see it as a tool of creation, a tool of pure magic, man; and if people can’t see that, they’re too far inside the box. Imagine the pictures people could take where selfie sticks have been banned. Music festivals have completely shitted on the idea, huge tourist attractions are hating hard, even sporting events are starting to freak out.

Ok sure, maybe they’re a little dangerous to be swinging around, but if you can look at these pictures, these works of fucking art, and tell me that the selfie stick is bad, you and I have very different definitions of what is wrong with our society.selfie16Screen-Shot-2014-12-28-at-093352alex-chacon-600-day-world-adventure-gopro QTqUZ0o 1409046069213_wps_14_skyscraper_selfie_kids_Crtopselfie enhanced-15757-1405451063-32

Also here are some more INSANE selfies that were only made possible because of a stick. check out this link for MOREEEEEEEEEEE.

selfie19 selfie10 selfie13


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