Currently Craving

As a self-proclaimed online shopping addict, I know that my expensive habit can be a bad thing. It took a serious amount of self control (that I totally didn’t know I had) to cut down my spending. But here are some of the things I’ve been looking into.

67-380x300I have no idea what I would do with this book clutch but I just think its so badass

RDME4-read-me-front-1200-700x700Ever since I was young I’ve always wanted a crazy giant library, and here is where I plan on starting my collection

Onyx_Black_Sheepskin_Rug2x3_5_ft__437Sheepskin rug. I had one when I was younger but we had to get rid of it (I may or may not be allergic to it. oh well)

562157_in_ppMy dad never really cared for the music of his age, At 48 years old he obsesses over Frank Sinatra and the Rat Pack. Luck be a Lady has always been a favorite. This Smythson is just calling my name. If only it came in another color503753908_1_tabletopFrom what I understand, it has three layers of smells… I’m all about layers man

Top: peach, plum

Heart: violet, peony

Base: patchouli, leather, vanilla

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