too blah to use the shift key

i have nothing to say, nothing to talk about, i want nothing, i need nothing, i am sick and i feel no need to capitalize my i’s or pretend like i care about anything. i need to save up my sick days so that i can use them as pretend vacation days but right now, i wish i was home watching ncis reruns and drinking tea. i decided i really like ellie bishop’s character and almost bought season 11 on dvd last weekend just so i could see her be badass in action. that idea is still on the table for the next couple of weekends. i will be busy this weekend but the next few weekends after that are looking pretty empty. hopefully i’ll have some down time and will be able to relax and watch mindless tv for 2 straight days.

i miss my senior year of college when all i would do was study, nap, eat chinese food, and watch ncis marathons on amc.


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