Happy President’s Day

I am currently on a bus I’ve never been on before, careening along the north shore (I think) of Staten Island, internally freaking out and crying for pancakes. Happy Monday national holiday that I still have to work!

Because I live in what most call South Bumble, AKA Tottenville on Staten Island’s south shore, there are only a few ways to get into manhattan for work. Throw a national holiday into the mix and your ways off the island dwindle down to 2, the ferry and the x1 express bus. I would normally take the train to the ferry to the train to work but because it is 3 degrees in New York right now, my parents and boyfriend thought it would be easier and safer if I were to just take a bus. Sure this bus will stop a million times all over Staten Island and NYC, sure I have no clue about which route it takes or where most of the stops are, sure I can’t fall asleep on this bus like I do on my regular morning commute, but it still beats transferring 3 times and freezing my ass off on the train and ferry.

I had to drive a little bit to get to a bus stop (the street name is actually Thornycroft Avenue… How weird) but I will be getting a bagel with butter when I get I to the city, and I got to see this. So maybe today isn’t so terrible…



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