Yesterday was my Sister’s 20th Birthday

She has been talking about California Donuts for a while now and kept saying how much she wanted those for her birthday. CaDonuts has a reputation (as well as an Instagram to prove it) for creating customized doughnuts in the shapes of people’s names, or shapes for special occasions, or anything really.

Unfortunately, living in New York, she wasn’t going to get California donuts. So my parents, being the loving parents that they are, searched all of New York trying to find someone to write her name in doughnuts. Finally they found a bakery and had them create Nutella doughnuts (she loves Nutella) that spelled out “Elisa 20.”


With her name in fried dough and her heart on her pizzas, my sister’s 20th birthday went off without a hitch, which was extremely delicious.


But after two slices of regular pizza, a Sicilian slice, 3 and a half doughnuts, and a giant piece of red velvet cake (as well as a number of other little snacks along the way) I think I’ll be spending today nursing a sugar hangover and a body too sluggish to move.

Even professionals have bad days ok?


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