Super Bowl Number Something

I was never really much of a “football fan.”

But, to be fair, neither is anyone else in my family. My dad works too much and never really had enough interest to sit down in front of a TV for half a day, my brother likes video games more than breathing and, while he does have a team that he roots for, he isn’t overly involved because he doesn’t live in that state and because he knows its really not that life changing. My mom’s family watched soccer more than football, and even then it wasn’t too often and neither of my sisters care.

So every year, at this time, my family has no idea what to do, so we do nothing. We would rather do nothing in our own home then sit in someone else’s house and do nothing there, surrounded by people we don’t know and germ infested food.

Last Super Bowl my boyfriend and I went to his friend’s house. There, people sat around a TV and ate chips and stared intently as a tiny pig skin ball (I doubt they even make them out of pig skin anymore because that’s gross) barely moved across a giant field of giant men. I don’t get it. While I love my boyfriend’s friends and consider them my friends, I just don’t understand why this is fun. Football is extremely long and incredibly boring to me, and last year they had terrible tasting sangria from the bottle and not enough dessert.

This year I’ve taken it upon myself to bring dessert, even though I wasn’t asked, so that I know something will actually be edible and my own couple bottles of wine, one for me, and one for other people to share.

Hopefully the game doesn’t last till midnight because I will absolutely be leaving at 10pm whether the game is over or not.

Wish me luck friends, and pray that someone brings really good dip.


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