One If By Land…

sons_of_liberty_poster-p228424876082627639trma_400I am a History Nerd.

If it were up to me, I would have majored in History and Theology in college and been unemployed but known a lot of cool shit.

My favorite periods include, (but are not limited to,) Colonial America, when druid and pagan beliefs were most prominent, the beginning of every religion and, of course around the time of the Knights Templar. (This apparently, means you are insane. Ask any history buff. Any person obsessing over Templar related stuff is nuts. I’m ok with this.)

I like learning about the beginnings of things, the beginnings of the Christian Church, the beginning of the Colonies, the beginnings of religion in general. Its all profoundly interesting to me because I am the kind of person who enjoys knowing as much about the past as possible. This way, I know what to expect in the future.


Last night, the History Channel debuted their original series Sons of Liberty and it was great. I even stayed up until 11pm to watch the whole thing. The three part series started yesterday and will continue until tomorrow night. It follows Sam Adams, John Adams, Paul Revere, John Hancock and Dr. Joseph Warren in the days that lead to the American revolution. While the mini series seems somewhat accurate to what actually happened, it is not meant to be taken literally. According to, “SONS OF LIBERTY is a dramatic interpretation of events that sparked a revolution. It is historical fiction, not a documentary. The goal of our miniseries is to capture the spirit of the time, convey the personalities of the main characters, and focus on real events that have shaped our past.”

All in all, the first part was exciting. It ended with the death of Christopher Snider, an 11 year-old boy who was shot to death by random gunfire while a mob was storming the home of Loyalist informer, Ebenezer Richardson. According to Celebrate Boston, and many other accounts of the story, Snider’s death played a pivotal role in the revolution that would soon bring about the United States.

On the boy’s coffin, which was walked in a huge funeral procession from the Liberty Tree, (landmark inscribed with “Sons of Liberty, 1766”) to the cemetery, was a velvet coffin cover bearing the following:

The serpent is lurking in the grass.
The fatal dart is thrown.
Innocence is nowhere safe.

I actually fast-forwarded and rewound enough to find this again just to make sure I read it correctly because I loved the wording that much. I cannot wait to watch part two tonight.

And so, I leave you with this (because I need to get back to work):

“For those whose sheddeth, or procureth the shedding of Man’s Blood, by MAN SHALL HIS BLOOD BE SHED.”



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