I feel like I’m always a little different when I write on this blog. I’m chipper and sweet tempered and don’t curse.

Fun Fact: I am none of those things.

I curse like a sailor, which is weird because neither of my parents ever cursed in front of me as a child. Even to this day I’ve heard each curse maybe twice in my whole life… and I’m 23.

As a person, I’m a strange mix of optimism and misery, I move through both levels of emotion as a wave comes and goes, I guess. Neither is ever too permanent, allowing me to be a giant douche one second and a sweet little angel the next.

I’m a calm person, very laid back, but I’m not sure I’m sweet tempered. I can be patient but very rarely want to be. I don’t particularly care about things, I take life as it comes and just hope for the best. I’m definitely a full blown mess at any given time and, while I don’t know if that’s something I should be proud of, I totally am.

I wish I knew how to explain myself better.


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