Ashley Graham

At this point, y’all should know that I obsess over things for a little bit and then find something new to obsess about.

Last week it was the iced coffee recipe; this week it’s Ashley Graham.ashleygramGraham is a 28-year-old plus-sized model from mid-USA. She was scouted at 12 years old and has been modelling since. She’s done runway shows, commercials, catalogue shoots,and is really well known as a lingerie model for Lane Bryant.

Ashley is all about loving your body, as all people should be. She is a founding member of ALDA, which includes four other models of all shapes and sizes. The point of ALDA, (meaning ‘wave’ in Icelandic) is to promote a healthy body image for women “beyond boundaries and limitations of size,” says Graham’s website. The five amazing women give lectures, talks and seminars in order to share their experiences and love with all people.

She’s also teamed up with Net-A-Porter and produced the first of a series of videos called the Curvy Fit Club, which is included in the January edit of of the online mag. I watched the video and think its a pretty cool concept. It is basically how to work out to stay healthy without losing your curves. Curves are cool man, you’re gonna wanna keep em. In the Net-A-Porter edit she talks about how influential her mother has been in her ability to love her body. Two thumbs up Momma Graham!

Oh, and she’s begun her own lingerie line, so again, obsession (since lingerie is another obsession I have. its all good though man, I’ll be poor by next week.)

I’m just super excited about finding out about her because she is a beautiful person, both inside and out. So without further adieu, here is Ms. Graham.

 largea773e848b5da71756e88eafc13d40d4310932288_887983747912338_963489684_aShown with the other women of ALDA

tumblr_nbfryupdqu1r05kcro1_500AG_2 hires-961508-20120226_Ashley-1346


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